San Francisco Giants are Injured and Winning: Why That’s a Good Thing

ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 22: Johnny Cueto
ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 22: Johnny Cueto /

Injuries have struck and they have struck so hard. The San Francisco Giants cannot catch a break and it just keeps coming. Injury after injury, but the Giants keep winning.

With all of the injuries and all of the big losses this team has had to endure, this team should be 10 games under .500. But this is a good baseball team, and good baseball teams don’t crack like that.

Wednesday afternoon the Giants finished off their long home stand with a series win against the Padres, their fourth consecutive series victory.

After a disastrous month of injuries, the Giants somehow managed to escape April with a winning record.

How can a team who already had lots of question marks surrounding them possibly pull off a winning record after losing so many players?

Well, those question marks turned into answers.

We got our answer on how Chris Stratton and Ty Blach will hold up the back end of the rotation, we got our answer on if Mac Williamsons swing can translate to the big leagues, and we got our answer on if the Giants bullpen can be productive.

With so much going wrong on the injury front, there is so much going right on the performance front. The list goes on-and-on-and-on when it comes to guys who have stepped up for this team.

You see, this is what good baseball teams do — good baseball teams have depth, good baseball teams don’t panic at the first sign of trouble (even though our fans do plenty of that).

All the question marks surrounding the Giants have been answered, and this team cannot be happier with the results.

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What has Giants fans excited is that this team is performing very well in every aspect of the game, and they aren’t even close to being healthy and at full strength.

The offense of old guys who are past their prime are putting up good numbers, scoring runs and scoring runs in clutch spots.

The rotation of injured pitchers and walking question marks are reeling off quality start after quality start.

The disastrous bullpen of the past two years has been exceptional (minus a couple of guys).

Going into the season we knew this team just needed to tread water for a month or two. Well, they’re doing that, and they’re doing that very, very well.

The verdict is still out on how severe Johnny Cueto‘s injury will be. We will find out more in the next day or two, and everyone is as nervous as can be. How Cueto was able to pitch so dominantly through the injury and how Tommy John has not already been determined, those can be taken as good signs.

No matter how severe the injury is, the Giants will be without Johnny Cueto for a little while.

When one guy goes down, another guy steps up. That guy is Andrew Suarez, and he has wide open opportunity to take a chance and run with it.

After a positive first outing, he was outstanding in his second major league outing.

Giants have gotten shots in the arm from multiple guys and its working very well.

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Andrew Suarez, its your time to prove yourself. Lets hope we get some good news on Johnny Cueto, because this team needs him, because team oozes with potential.