San Francisco Giants Podcast: NL West Preview Roundtable

Photo Credit: Bobblehead Hall of Fame
Photo Credit: Bobblehead Hall of Fame /

As we start the San Francisco Giants season up, the “Sound the Foghorn Podcast” has returned from it’s offseason hibernation for a special NL West Preview Podcast

Daniel Sperry, the co-site expert of Around the Foghorn, your home for San Francisco Giants news, opinion, and analysis on the FanSided network, was joined by site experts from three of the other four NL West sites within the FanSided network.

Representing the Los Angeles Dodgers was Jacob Rudner, the site expert of Dodgers Way. Representing the Colorado Rockies was Kevin Henry, site expert at RoxPile. And representing the San Diego Padres was Tim Ryder, a site expert at Friars on Base.

We were unable to record with Venom Strikes and their site expert this time around but we’ll be sure to have them on another time.

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In the first segment of this episode, the four of us each got to pitch a question to the site expert of the respective teams. That expert in turn answered the question.

For the Arizona Diamondbacks, since we were missing Venom Strikes, we turned the questions over towards the gallery and answered them popcorn style as we attempted to answer those questions from an outsider’s point of view.

In the second and final segment, the group discussed projections on a multitude of outcomes in the NL West. They covered the following predictions:

  • Order of finish in the NL West
  • How many teams from the division would make the postseason
  • Top prospect to watch out for in the division
  • Comeback player of the divison
  • Best Pitcher
  • Most Valuable Player Overall

You’ll have to listen to found out what they predicted! Check out the podcast at the link below!

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