San Francisco Giants: Attempting a trade with Reviewing the Brew

MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 30: Keon Broxton
MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 30: Keon Broxton /

With the offseason being more boring than watching paint dry, a fellow FanSided site, Reviewing the Brew, approached us with potential faux trade discussions between the Milwaukee Brewers and San Francisco Giants. Here is how they went:

With talks of trade negotiations between the Milwaukee Brewers and San Francisco Giants this offseason, it seemed logical to explore the possibilities. The Brewers are looking to build on a good 2017 campaign and vault themselves up a contention level into the wild card discussion. The Giants on the other hand are looking for outfield solutions.

Reviewing the Brew approached us Friday night to engage in faux trade solutions and act as GM.

The funny thing is, we’d already done this previously as an entire FanSided community, but we did not feel it was necessary to engage with the Brewers during that simulation. If you recall, the deals done for us was with the Rangers, A’s, Rays, and Indians. But apparently, in real life, the Giants and Brewers have thought they might be a match.

So we tried to get something to work out.

The Giants have rumored to be interested in Domingo Santana and Keon Broxton. That’s fair. Santana put up decent numbers in 2017 and is still under a lot of organizational control. Broxton is a “change of scenery” centerfielder who is likely going to be edged out of a spot by players like Brett Philipps and Lewis Brinson.

The first thing the “BrewCrew” asked us about was the availability of Joe Panik.

I will tell you this and be willing to bet my life on it: Joe Panik is not going anywhere before July without a valid replacement.

Christian Arroyo‘s move to the Tampa Bay Rays all but sealed that. Arroyo gave them flexibility at that spot, but now that he’s gone, it’s all Panik there. Unless things have gone completely south by mid-June, and the Giants would be better off with whatever Panik can get them in return and a Kelby Tomlinson/Miguel Gomez platoon, second base will be Panik’s spot for the foreseeable future.

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So once I told them that, I truly think that’s where our negotiations ended up falling apart. We then got on the discussion of Broxton. Their offer for Broxton was Garrett Williams and Kyle Crick, which is a little much for a guy like Broxton.

A lot of people are buying high onWilliams after his 2017 season. Crick has surely found a spot in the bullpen, so to give up two players for Broxton is just not going to happen. If I’m the Giants, I’d rather sign Jarrod Dyson before trading away two prospects for Broxton.

I tried to switch the convo over to Santana, but that too fell apart. The “BrewCrew” told us they felt a deal wouldn’t have been able to get done for Santana without Joe Panik and a high prospect. And that was when we realized we wouldn’t be able to agree to a trade.

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I’ve usually been one to believe that despite Joe Panik’s success so far in his career, he is certainly expendable if they’re getting back something really good. But neither of these players come equal to their asking value in my eyes. I 100% believe the Giants would’ve operated in that manner, and I don’t see these two teams getting a deal done in real life.