San Francisco Giants release goose-bump inducing promo video

SF Giants hat. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
SF Giants hat. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /

The San Francisco Giants are quite frankly sick and tired of listening to everyone discuss how bad their farm system is and released in incredible, goose-bump raising promo video.

As much flak as the San Francisco Giants get for not having a good farm system, most of the Giants fan base thinks that many of those claims are bullish. The 2017 Amateur Draft has lead to some exciting players who put together some exciting performances in their first appearances in pro-baseball. The Giants decided to put together all of them for an incredible promotion video.

The tweet was posted in the early afternoon on January 6th, with the video and it included the hashtag, #WhosThatKid?

The prospects featured in the video are all from the 2017 draft. Here is the list with their draft round and position:

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A certain line in there says “you know the history of our system,” while flashing pictures of Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, and Matt Cain all incredible pros who came through the Giants farm.

The video is here:

While the video is a subtle shot at all those outsiders who are consistently bashing a system that has produced solid pros left and right, just some not as recognizable as the likes of Posey and Bumgarner. Some just simply aren’t in the Giants organization anymore, like Adam Duvall and Matt Duffy.

This is also about promoting the scouting work that the Giants have been doing and the pieces they’re excited about in their farm system. While the excitement about the players in the video isn’t all that high when you take the names outside of Ramos and Gonzalez, these guys all had pretty solid debuts.

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Schimpf is a definite bullpen guy who struck out 25 in 24 innings, but too many hits and walks in multi-inning appearances spoiled stats like an ERA and WHIP. Garcia was good at the plate (.741 OPS with 6 homers) but struggled at second-base.

Corbett was good behind the dish, but his bat will need time. VanGurp was incredibly impressive, striking out 41 in 29.1 innings including with a .092 ERA, .082 WHIP, and an opponents average of .165.

Some of these guys in the video won’t make the big leagues. That’s how this works. It’s the cream of the crop that rise to the big league level. But, it will be incredible foresight into the Giants’ future if more than one of these guys ends up making it big time. You don’t know them, now. But you will.