What Are San Francisco Giants Fans Rooting For?

PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 27: Chris Stratton
PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 27: Chris Stratton /

If you are reading this, chances are that you are a fan of the San Francisco Giants. You may be feeling bad for yourself at this moment.

However, you quickly realize that you are being foolish for feeling this way when you remember your favorite team won three World Series championships in this decade.

Then you also remember that there are several franchises (cough, cough Nationals) that haven’t even made it to the Fall Classic and would kill for their team to have had the success yours has enjoyed. Don’t you feel silly now?

That being said, it’s no secret the Giants have been atrocious. Who knows, they may be atrocious for the next five, 10, heck, why not 50 years? Who are we to complain?

Yet we are greedy sports fans who demand our teams win now, tomorrow, and forever. So why/what should we root for as this season, which died long ago, rots and decays before our very eyes?

Of course, I’m of the inclination that you always root for your team to win no matter the circumstances — especially when it comes to baseball. A higher draft pick has proven many a time to not ensure a higher quality player, not just in baseball, but across the sports world. I’m looking at you Alex Smith.

However, what if your team is as bad at winning as the Giants are this year? Do you stop watching? Do you go to games and spend your time doing other things like rooting for Lou Seal to fall down or get hit by a ball as your team is getting blown out? You probably shouldn’t do that, Lou Seal would make a decent bat off the bench at this point.

Do you root for Chris Stratton to continue looking like a lock for the 2018 rotation (or a possible trade piece)? Perhaps an Austin Slater that looks as solid as he did at times pre-injury.

I say we do this: Root for the Rooks, Boo the Crooks(trademark). The Crooks in this plan are the Dodgers of course. All I’m going to do is wish the young kids the best, and hope the Dodgers make it to 29 years without a title.

What else can you root for? Sure, that the team proves they can contend next year. Yet, I’m not sure a solid September will give me any more confidence in them than I have this very second. A lot can change in an off-season.

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Let’s talk about Anything-But-the-Giants for a second though. Have you seen the Dodgers this year? Wow, they’re good. They aren’t 2013 good. Not 2014 good. Don’t even try being up 2-1 in the NLCS good. They’re much better than I am comfortable acknowledging. Any self-respecting Giants fan should be scared out of his/her wits.

Fun question: would you lend Madison Bumgarner to the Yankees for Game 7 of the World Series against the Dodgers if it meant he had to spend the entire first half of 2018 with them but then got to be a Giant again?

Whoa, what am I saying? I … I don’t feel so well. Man, I must’ve ate something bad. It tastes like the 2017 Giants with a side of the Dodgers might win the World Series.

Excuse my blasphemy, I just really don’t want the Dodgers to succeed as I’m sure you don’t. Perhaps that measure would be a tad extreme.

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To conclude: 1. Root for the Rooks — Chris Stratton, Ryder Jones, play good baseball. We’d all appreciate it. 2. Boo the Crooks — I should’ve explained this more, but the Dodgers are the crooks because they have a lot of money. Don’t worry, I make sure to think these things through.