Matt Cain: Are His Days Numbered as a San Francisco Giants Starter?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 27: Matt Cain /

On July 4, Matt Cain took the mound in Comerica Park against the Detroit Tigers. The last time Cain was in the city of Detroit, was in Game 4 of the 2012 World Series where the Giants won their second championship.

Fast forward to 2017, Cain isn’t the same like he was in his 2012 performance. In Tuesday’s game, Cain gave up five runs and seven hits. He lasted 6.1 innings and the San Francisco Giants lost to the Tigers 5-3. After his last outing, Cain’s ERA sits at 5.88 and he has lost seven straight decisions. His last win was on May 15 against the Dodgers.

It seems like not long ago, Cain was working his way to win a spot as the fifth starter in the rotation back in Spring Training. As I mentioned earlier in my last story on Cain, he wanted to show that he still had more to offer and “prove to be the once dominant pitcher whom the Giants fans fell in love with, he has the right to be the fifth starter.”

Once Cain got the job as the fifth starter, there was a glimpse of the old Cain returning back to his old form on the mound earlier in the season.

Now, after Cain received his seventh lost, it’s possible that he could lose his spot and might head to the bullpen once Madison Bumgarner returns after the All-Star break.

Kerry Crowly wrote in his article and asked:

"“will Cain accept a demotion to the bullpen? Will the Giants even find a spot for Cain as a reliever, or will the franchise abruptly decide it can’t afford to cling onto its past while getting a head start on its future?”"

While Crowly asked on what the Giants organization will do with their beloved starter, Harrison Howard states in his article that:

"“Cain’s future with the Giants as a starter shouldn’t go past this season. In all reality, it should end now.”"

It’s time to give up on Matt Cain. Yes, Giants fans, I said it. Sorry to shatter your hopes on pulling for Cain to make a comeback, we must face reality, folks. It’s time to move forward from Cain. We can’t wait forever for him to return back to his 2012 form.

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The San Francisco Giants have to think about the future for the organization. In other words, they have to bring in new arms to the rotation, like starting pitcher Tyler Beede, in order for them to win another championship.

However, I will mention this…

Whatever the San Francisco Giants decide to do with Cain, it should be handled in a dignified and respectable manner after everything Cain has contributed to the team.

Give Cain the proper standing ovation that he deserves. Let him tip his cap to the crowd and let him say “Thank you” to the fans.

After all, he is one of the reason why the San Francisco Giants have three rings, and he gave the fans a perfect game that will live on in Giants history.

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No matter what happen to Cain, he will forever be a Giant in the eyes and hearts of the fans.