Let’s Look Way Too Much Into the San Francisco Giants First Lineup

Feb 24, 2017; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; A general view before a spring training game between the San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds at Scottsdale Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer via USA TODAY Sports
Feb 24, 2017; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; A general view before a spring training game between the San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds at Scottsdale Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer via USA TODAY Sports /

The San Francisco Giants play a baseball game today. While it doesn’t count and it is only Spring Training, it reminds us all that baseball is back. The long winter is over. Baseball is back.

The Giants will start four players that are assured a spot on the Opening Day starting lineup against the Cincinnati Reds today.

As we head into the first game of Spring, let’s look way too much into the the batting order and make crazy assumptions about the season based on the order because baseball is back and all we know so far is the batting order.

1. Brandon Crawford: Your new leadoff hitter

Brandon Crawford has batted everywhere in the Giants order, from second to eighth, throughout his career. He is being placed in the leadoff spot today clearly because Bruce Bochy believes he give the Giants the best chance to start the game off with magnificent flowing hair.

Or, maybe he wants to get Crawford as many at bats as he can before the World Baseball Classic. Nope. Brandon is definitely our new leadoff hitter.

2. Joe Panik > Brandon Belt at the Two Hole

Fans on social media have already started having debates in 2017 about who should bat second for the Giants. Since Joe Panik is batting second today over Brandon Belt, I think Bochy has made it clear that his mind is made up and that Panik has won the job.

Or, Panik and Belt are the other two fully healthy regulars in the lineup and Bochy wants both to get a couple at bats before they are subbed out. Nope. Panik has definitely won.

3. Brandon Belt is our new #3 hitter

Posey will bat fourth and Pence will bat fifth because Bochy can see 30 home runs and 100 runs batted in for the Giants best hitter, Brandon Belt.

Or, maybe Belt just has some experience in the three hole and it is better to put him there versus other guys who are just trying to get some work in. Nope. Belt is definitely our new #3 hitter.

4. Hunter Pence is 100% healthy

Hunter Pence has been struggling with some nagging injuries and some serious ones over the last two seasons, and the Giants have been cautious with him in camp. Pence wanted to play today and his inclusion in the lineup must mean he is 100%.

Or, Bochy feels comfortable playing him, but he and the staff will be encouraging Pence to not go all out Pence or a “Hunter Percent” his first game of Spring. Nope. He’s back.

5. Michael Morse will make the team!!

Michael Morse is batting right after Hunter Pence because there are baseball Gods and they love Giants fans. This also means that Morse will definitely make the team because he is in the first lineup.

Or, the Giants aren’t sure what Morse has left and want to see if he can have a strong Spring before they make any decisions. Nope. Morse has made the team. Welcome back Morse!

6. Jarrett Parker > Mac Williamson

The biggest talk this off-season has been about left field and who should start on Opening Day. With Parker getting the call in today’s game, it is clear he has the edge over Williamson.

Or, today’s pitcher, Rookie Davis, is right handed and Parker is left handed. Nope. Parker won the job.

7. Conor Gillaspie is your starting third baseman

With postseason hero Conor Gillaspie starting at third, it is certain that he has beaten out Eduardo Nunez for the starting job and we are witnessing the rebirth of the Conor Gillaspie era.

Or, just like Morse and others, Gillaspie is not a lock to make the team and the more at bats he can get to show the Giants he can be a great right handed bat for them the better. Nope. The legend is starting.

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8. Nick Hundley will take starts away from Buster Posey at Catcher

Nick Hundley is likely to make the team over last year’s primary backup catcher Trevor Brown. Brown has options back to Triple-A and Hundley was given a guaranteed major league contract. With his inclusion in the lineup over Posey, it is clear that Hundley will bump Posey over to first and Brandon Belt to left field for many, many games.

Or, Bochy wants to see what Hundley can do behind the plate catching many pitchers who are likely to be big parts of the Giants staff. Nope. Posey will play less catcher.

9. Gorkys Hernandez will make the team

The Giants have said they may be leaning towards keeping five outfielders, but a lot can happen between now and April. However, Hernandez starting the first Spring Training game signals that he is definitely the front runner for the fourth outfielder job.

Or, it is more likely that Hernandez is best suited to play CF of the backup options for today and is just getting some work in. Nope, he’s definitely made the team.

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