San Francisco Giants: What’s up with Peavy, Romo, and Pagan?

Jul 23, 2016; Bronx, NY, USA; San Francisco Giants left fielder Angel Pagan (16) catches a ball hit by New York Yankees second baseman Starlin Castro (14) for an out in the eighth inning at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 23, 2016; Bronx, NY, USA; San Francisco Giants left fielder Angel Pagan (16) catches a ball hit by New York Yankees second baseman Starlin Castro (14) for an out in the eighth inning at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports /

With spring training just around the corner, a few former San Francisco Giants are looking for a home. With the January signings starting to pick-up a bit, we’re going to take a look at where they might be headed, and where their market sits.

The final out of the 2016 season likely brought an end to the tenure of some very successful stints in a San Francisco Giants Uniform. Gregor Blanco, Javy Lopez, Jake Peavy, Sergio Romo, Angel Pagan, and Santiago Casilla were all out of contract, and the club pretty much made it clear they would not be brought back. Well, the Giants roster has gotten about as full as it can for spring training, and it doesn’t seem too likely that any will return. With Casilla and Blanco having found homes for 2017 (A’s and Diamondbacks, respectively), there are still a few left who have yet to find their 2017 home.

With the season fast approaching, rumors are sort-of beginning to fly in what has been a slow developing secondary market. Here is a look on their market, and we’ll attempt to pin a price and location on where they end up.

Sergio Romo:

Most of the primary market had a place by the time the ball dropped in times-square. For somebody like Romo, their secondary market has been really slow to develop. Part of that can be attributed to the fact that the big three closers’ market wasn’t really going to set the secondary market for relief pitchers. Now that Casilla and Greg Holland have signed, that sets a pretty reasonable price for Romo. You can assume that his market would probably be somewhere between Casilla ($5.5M/yr)  and Holland ($8M/yr) , making him a viable option for late inning relief for any of the contenders who were hindered by finances in pursuit of the top three closers. There are three teams that were in the market for late inning relief, that seem like likely landing spots for Romo.

The Boston Red Sox was a thought from the start, although his slider might get destroyed by the slugger heavy AL East. There is also the Mets, who were linked to him earlier today by Ken Rosenthal via Twitter.

The one dark-horse that people haven’t mentioned much is Miami. Miami has a great latin culture in their city, they have a pitcher friendly park and were pretty close to being contenders next season. The loss of Jose Fernandez is significant, but they’ve shown they want to compete. They were after Holland, Aroldis Chapman, and Kenley Jansen. So that spot is still a need for them. Romo’s personality, and the Miami culture would be a great fit. My prediction? Romo to Miami for 3yrs/$18million

Angel Pagan:

For Angel Pagan, the big outfielder market also didn’t play a significant role in what he’ll get. He was likely not going to see a contract like the one the Giants gave him after the 2012 season. The sad thing is, he’s a way better outfielder and hitter than Michael Saunders, but probably won’t see that much money. His market? Teams who need a defensive shot in the arm in the outfield. His arm is pretty weak now, so he would likely have to play left field for somebody. He could still probably give leadoff hitter production, but only if he’s healthy.

There are a few fits in my mind. The Indians, and the Orioles immediately jump out at me. The Indians are expecting Michael Brantley to be back in the mix in 2016, but that injury issue is still looming. Someone like Pagan could provide good defense, and be a good on-base threat for the Indians. He also would immediately walk in and start in left field in Baltimore, and provide the same lineup threat for an extremely powerful lineup. If he goes to Cleveland, I only see him getting a one year deal. He might be able to squeeze a two year deal out of Baltimore though. Prediction? Pagan to Baltimore for 2 years/$22 million

Jake Peavy:

As for Peavy? It’s probably a matter of whether or not the Padres want to pay him what he wants, and whether or not they can land some of their other targets. Recent reports have them interested in Jared Weaver, but expect to see Peavy with the Padres in 2015. It’s hard to see if he still has enough left as a starter. We do know that Peavy will compete hard for a place though. Prediction? Peavy to the Padres for 1yr/$6 million

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It remains to be seen if my shot in the dark predictions will come true, but those seem to be likely fits and contract figures. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on their landing spots.