San Francisco Giants: Bruce Bochy is Already a Hall of Fame Manager


With the Hall of Fame election coming soon, we decided to take a look at a current San Francisco Giants manger that is already destined for the Hall.

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy may not have had a Hall of Fame career as a player, but he’s certainly earned the honor with three World Series rings.

As a player he played in just 9 seasons – not even long enough to qualify for the Hall of Fame – and hit just .239 in 802 career at-bats.

His managerial career didn’t start out so hot either. He had just two winning seasons in his first nine years with the San Diego Padres, and won the NL Pennant just once. His postseason record with the Padres was 8-16.

However, he helped put together winning seasons in three straight years for the Padres before the San Francisco Giants brought him on board.

After a couple of rough years to start, Bochy has had winning seasons in seven of his last eight seasons with the Giants. He’s won the NL West just twice, but he’s led the San Francisco Giants to three World Series and won all of them.

His postseason record with the San Francisco Giants is an incredible 35-17. He’s only taken to the Giants to the postseason three times in 10 years, but each of them has ended with rings.

Bochy has a winning percentage of .517 with the Giants, which is better than his .494 with the Padres. Overall, he has a .505 winning percentage as a manager.

His winning percentage doesn’t come close to matching recent mangers that entered the Hall of Fame like Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa.

Cox had a career winning percentage of .556 over 29 years, while La Russa had a career .536 winning percentage over 33 years as a manger.

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Obviously those guys have a few years on Bochy, but I’d don’t think he finishes close to those numbers because of his years with the Padres. If he stays with the Giants for five more years I think that number gets closer to the .515 range, which would look much better on paper.

Looking at Cox, he won five pennants and one World Series, while La Russa won a total of six pennants and three World Series. Joe Torre, who coached for 29 years, won 6 pennants and four World Series and is also in the Hall of Fame as a manger.

Bochy is already right there in terms of World Series championships with those guys, but he may need a few more division titles and pennants to pad the numbers.

He’s currently ranked sixth all-time for World Series championships by a manager. One more would certainly make the case for Bochy as a Hall of Fame manager even more solid.

Three World Series in five years is pretty impressive, and I think he’s already a Hall of Fame manager because of that alone.

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What do you think? Is Bruce Bochy already a Hall of Fame manager, or does he have more work to do? Let us know in the comment section below or on Twitter (@RoundTheFoghorn).