San Francisco Giants Keep On Truckin’; Announce Grateful Dead Tribute Night


The San Francisco Giants have announced a Grateful Dead Tribute Night on August 3 when the Giants take on their Bay Bridge rivals, the Oakland Athletics, at AT&T Park.

Earlier this week, the San Francisco Giants announced that they will hold another Grateful Dead Tribute Night. I know where Bill Walton is going to be August 3.

On August 3 the Giants will honor the legendary band as well as the 50th anniversary of “The Summer of Love”, which originated in San Francisco in 1967 and jump started what is now known as the hippie movement.

Cool Team Alert. (Insert some alarm emoji’s)

Fans who choose to purchase the special event ticket package will receive a limited edition Giants-themed Dancing Bear bobblehead (the Giants-themed hemp sewn hat didn’t seem child appropriate).

Surviving Grateful Dead members (wait … is that a thing?), as well as members of Jerry Garcia’s family will be in attendance and are planning to participate in pre-game activities, while portions of the special event ticket sales will be donated to charity.

Giants baseball. Deadheads. Money going to charity. This is a win, win, win for everyone involved.

The San Francisco Giants and the Grateful Dead have created an amazing relationship over the years, as the team has embraced and celebrated the band and has befriended many of the band’s living members. The team went all out to celebrate the Dead’s 50th anniversary with a tribute night in 2015, and have promoted a Grateful Dead themed night every year since 2010.

Former Giants third base coach and current jam band extraordinaire, Tim Flannery, as well as former pitcher, Jake Peavy, became very close with the band during their time with the team.

Flannery joined Bob Weir and Phil Lesh to sing the National Anthem in 2011 and has now become a recurring participant for the game’s Star Spangled Banner.

Did you know that Tim Flannery has eleven albums?

Eleven albums. Eleven of them.

Peavy got hooked during the Fare Thee Well concerts in 2015 and never looked back. The guy missed a team flight to go see the same show two nights in a row.

“What really did it for me was going to Santa Clara [for Fare Thee Well],” says Peavy. “That whole experience was unlike anything else. I was coming off a serious back injury, and the healing power of that music really saved me.” Peavy also admits that, after attending the Saturday night show at Levi’s Stadium, he had to go back and see the Sunday night performance as well. There was one problem, however; the team was scheduled to fly out to Washington, DC that night. Peavy cleverly told manager Bruce Bochy that he needed to stay behind, in order to be with family. “I still don’t think it was really a lie,” he says with a laugh, “The Grateful Dead is family.” (, 6/1/16)

 Well, there you have it. The Grateful Dead and the San Francisco Giants are family…

…Even though there is a 99 percent chance Madison Bumgarner has no idea who they are.

August 3 should be some fun. Don’t forget to wear your tie-dye.

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