San Francisco Giants Fanbase Makes #Fandom250


San Francisco Giants fans are some of the best in the world. However, the Fandom 250 rankings had the Giants a little lower than some might think.

The San Francisco Giants were ranked 226 in FanSided’s Fandom 250 rankings. The rankings are supposed to get together all the best fanbases from around the world, and put them together. We’re not just talking sports, we’re talking TV Show fanbases, sports and entertainment figures alone, and all other major entertainment entities. So to be on the list is pretty good, considered there were some MLB teams who didn’t make the cut. The Giants being the lowest ranked baseball team on the list isn’t ok though. So let’s take a look at who beat them out.

  • Chicago Cubs: 1 (reasonable)
  • New York Yankees: 11 (also reasonable)
  • Boston Redsox: 29 (makes sense)
  • St. Louis Cardinals: 111 (That’s a big jump)
  • New York Mets: 129 (wait, what?)
  • Kansas City Royals: 191 (you’re kidding)
  • Baltimore Orioles: 192 (HOW?!)

Look past the Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox, and Cardinals. That’s to be expected. But, we’re supposed to believe that the Met’s, Royals, and Orioles have better fanbases than the San Francisco Giants? Let’s go to the box-score. One of the top ways to tell “fanbases” apart, especially in baseball, is attendance. Here are attendance numbers of the Giants, and those “questionables” ranked ahead of the Giants, ranked in order.

  1. San Francisco Giants (4th in MLB): 3,365,256
  2. New York Mets (7th in MLB): 2,789,602
  3. Kansas City Royals (12th in MLB): 2,557,712
  4. Baltimore Orioles (20th in MLB): 2,172,344

That’s pretty bad guys, especially with the Orioles being a playoff team. They have a good team! Couldn’t get to the ballpark though? Geeze.

It’s reasonable to have other fanbases ahead of the Giants here. But you can’t convince us that the Mets, Royals, and Orioles have a better fanbase than the Giants do. Maybe those who made the list go to bed too early and don’t see the Giants play in front of a sold out crowd every night. Maybe they don’t pay attention to when the Giants travel to San Diego or Arizona, and see that it’s virtually a home game by the number of Giants fans in the crowd. Heck, there is an entire sports bar in New York City that caters specifically to Bay Area fans, and Giants fans in particular (shoutout to Finnerty’s).

Anyways, the list isn’t terrible. It’s a terrible shame though that the Giants were the lowest listed MLB team on this list. Especially considering some of those ranked ahead of them. One thing the list did get right? The smurfs from Southern California didn’t make the cut.

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