San Francisco Giants: Bobby Evans Refutes Sandoval Link


The San Francisco Giants are now engaged in a game of cat and mouse. After reports of the Giants discussing a Pablo Sandoval return surfaced on Friday, the Giants have been relatively quick to refute it.

Apparently, the San Francisco Giants haven’t internally discussed bringing back Pablo Sandoval. Here’s the thing. OF COURSE THEY WERE GOING TO DENY IT. This should really be a shock to nobody.

In a statement via, Bobby Evans shot down the notion of bringing back Pablo Sandoval.

"I am not aware of any consideration of a reunion, but we’ll never forget all that he meant to the Giants organization."

Of course. It’s a typical PR spin. The Giants offseason has been quiet so far. Despite a numerous amount of minor league contracts, the Giants have yet to fill their big target areas. There are a lot of teams who are in that boat as well. It’s nice of them to give people something to talk about.

When the rumors floated on Friday, we were met with a variety of responses, ranging from “NO! PLEASE NO!!” to “How many cheeseburgers did we trade for him?” All are valid responses. Don’t think the Giants didn’t take notice of the fanbases response. It’s simple PR stuff. Float a rumor to gage the reaction of the fanbase. Depending on the reaction, you now know a move like that wouldn’t set well. There were also plenty of “why are we even discussing this?”

We ran a twitter poll, and that was the majority of what came back. “Why?”

I can’t tell you why it’s even a thing. There are plenty more “news-worthy” things we wish we could discuss. But when the offseason is this slow, we take what we get.

It’s not happening, and never was. At least this year. There also shouldn’t be any surprise that the Giants have thought or “discussed” bringing him back. Even if they refute it, he meant a lot to the franchise.

He brought a lot of success with him. In their minds, they had a long term solution at third base, at least for the next four or five years. Pablo spurned them, and that hurts. However, if he was playing near his old level, and they could get him back on the cheap, don’t think they wouldn’t hesitate. For an organization that does a lot of things out of loyalty, don’t think for a second that they haven’t discussed it. It might not have been realistic discussions. But it most certainly has been discussed.


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