San Francisco Giants Poll:Who Would You Hate To See In Dodger Blue


Jeff Kent did it, so did Candy Maldonado. Playing for the Giants and Dodgers in your career really doesn’t seem to be a problem, except for the fans. Here is our San Francisco Giants poll question on who you would hate to see in Dodger blue.

The Giants hated seeing Kent in Dodger blue. As they did when Brett Butler moved down south in 1991. Still suprises me to this day that Butler was a Dodger from 1991-1997, and only a Giant from 1988-1990. Seemed like he was here longer than that.

When Orel Hershiser was signed by the San Francisco Giants in 1998, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to think. This was a guy who completely dominated baseball for a good stretch, and it was pitching for the hated Dodgers.

The only thing I can equate it to now is when my former employer trained me to despise a certain brand that we didn’t carry, then pulled a switcheroo and we were made to love that brand after we picked it up.

But here was Hershiser, older, but still effective. He was Jake Peavy, without the years of dislike before coming here. Like Randy Johnson and Tim Hudson would later provide, Hershiser was a great veteran presence in the clubhouse. But he wore the Dodger blue so long, the orange and black never really looked right. As though his name on the back was held on with velcro.

There have been 224 player who have played for both teams with 79 of them pitchers. Some names are recognizable. Jason Schmidt, Russ Ortiz, Brian Wilson, Steve Finley, even Juan Marichal pitched in two games with the Dodgers. Most recently, lefty David Huff pitched 3 games in 2015 for the Dodgers after spending part of 2014 with San Francisco.

So now we are starting to see some very strong young players who have come up through the Giants system. They have developed in front of many fans’ eyes in both the minors and the majors. These players will hopefully spend the rest of their careers in San Francisco winning championship after championship. Tim Lincecum is a free agent though.

But what if the team becomes overrun with talent, and there isn’t any room left on the roster. Will these connections to these players make us dislike them even more if they are wearing a Dodgers hat?

Who would you least like to see wearing the Dodger Blue? One answer has a twist.

Just click on the poll and close your eyes and imagine each one with a Dodger uniform on.

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Of course, the Giants front office knows exactly what they are doing, so we may never need to see this become reality.