Current San Francisco Giants with the Best chance at the Hall of Fame


With Hall of Fame introductions coming out today, (Congrats Ken and Mike, Barry was robbed!) it seems appropriate to delve into which current San Francisco Giants have the best chance at the Hall some day. The list is as follows:

Bruce Bochy: This one is assured, Bochy has won three world championships, a feat matched only by eight managers in baseball history. Every other one one of those men is in Cooperstown. Furthermore, Bochy has is 16th all time for managerial wins career wins, out of the 15 men ahead of him, eleven are in the hall. If Bochy hung up his 8 ½ hat tomorrow, he would be headed to Cooperstown.

Odds for the HOF: 1:1

Buster Posey: There is not much more that Buster Posey could have done up to this point to help his Hall cause. Three world championships, three all-star appearances, three Silver Sluggers, a Comeback Player of the Year Awards, an MVP award, and a Rookie of the Year. Posey is the type of generational talent a GM hopes and prays for. He has not played long enough. But if Posey can continue anywhere near his current pace, he should be headed to the Hall of Fame when it is all said and done.

Odd for the HOF: 1-2.

Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow: The best announcing duo in the game. Are they homers? Sure. But they are as funny and knowledgeable of a team as you will find in the often mindless world of sports announcing. Furthermore, both these men had fabulous playing careers, especially Krukow who won 20 games in 1986.

Odds for the HOF: 1-2. 

Madison Bumgarner: People get wrapped up in Bum’s 2014 postseason performance. Make not mistake that was terrific—by some accounts the greatest postseason performance of all time– but what people forget is how extraordinary Bumgarner has been in the postseason for his career. The man threw 8 shutout innings in his first World Series start back in 2010. He has a career postseason ERA of 2.14 and an postseason WHIP of 0.88. Those numbers are not merely good, they are historic. If he continues to display this sort of brilliance, and if he gets enough chances in the postseason, Bumgarner could find himself enshrined along with Gaylord Perry, and Juan Marchial as the only San Francisco Giants pitchers to be enshrined in Cooperstown.

Odds for the HOF: 1-5.

Brian Sabean: Like Bochy, Sabean is in a rare class with three World Series Championships. Unfortunately for Sabean, executives are rare inductees for the Hall of Fame. The last executive to make it in was Pat Gillick who was the General Manager of the Tor0nto Blue Jays in the 80s and 90s. Sabean is as qualified for the Hall as any executive in the game today, unfortunately that still likely is not enough.

More from Buster Posey

Odds for the HOF: 1:10

Johnny Cueto: Ok this might be going out on a limb. Considering that Cueto has yet to throw a pitch for the San Francisco Giants, perhaps we ought not to get too ahead of ourselves. But Cueto is excellent. His ERA in the past five years is second only to The Almighty Kershaw—a man who is by all estimates will be headed to the Hall of Fame. The question of course is how long Cueto can be dominant for, the Giants have 130 million reasons to hope his dominance lasts six years.

Odds for the HOF: 1-30

Tim Lincecum: First off, he is technically not a current Giant, but as a free agent who most recently played for San Francisco, I’m counting him. Lincecum was the best pitcher in the league for a four year stretch, 2008-2011. And if this were 2011, I would give him excellent odds. Sadly, as we all know, his arm deteriorated and he may never pitch in the majors again. Still a cool dude though.

Odds for the HOF: 1-100