10 of the funniest San Francisco Giants tweets of 2015


Apr 3, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Fans take cell phone pictures of recording artist Austin Mahone (not pictured) as he performs prior the start of practice for the 2015 NCAA Men

Since the millennial generation is now dominated and hypnotized by social media–myself included–it is now time to reveal the funniest tweets about the San Francisco Giants for 2015. For those of you non-technologically sound people, I have some advice for you before you continue: throw away your Motorola flip phone and start getting familiar with social media.

The #SFGiants have been known to feature some of the most unique personalities in the game.  With goofy, crazy players like Hunter Pence, Matt Duffy, and Brandon Crawford leading the way with their antics, there is never a boring day in the San Francisco clubhouse.

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  • Generally, we are starting to see more and more star players actively using social media, simply because the “social media generation” is now beginning the years of their prime. Although there are some frustrating components, such as advertisements and spam, social media (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, etc.) can be a lot of fun, especially when you have thousands of followers as most of these MLB players do.

    Let me show you just how fun social media can be by showing you 10 of the funniest San Francisco Giants tweets of 2015.

    1. #PenceOnTheFence @hunterpence

    Despite being a tad creepy, Pence is just an awkward guy in general, but this picture shows the kind of dorkiness he possesses in his personality.

    2. Hunter Pence Showing his Inner Michael Jackson @hunterpence

    Simply classic Hunter Pence. The Giants really missed his presence on the field, but at least the fans were able to interact and keep tabs on his dancing skills.

    3. Draw me Like one of Your French…Cats? @natt0

    The ever-famous fat cat, Skeeter, gained fame faster than his owner, Matt Duffy. Props to @natt0 for a hilarious Skeeter gif.

    4. The Earthquake Scare @mm_duffy

    If you haven’t seen the film San Andreas with star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and you live in San Francisco, you may want to take a rain check. The movie will at the least give you a frightening image of what is a realistic scenario here in earthquake central–San Francisco.

    5. I See What You Did There “DuffMan” @mm_duffy

    This was one of those, “Ah, I see what you did there DuffMan!” Not necessarily a bent over dying laughter, but definitely a knee slapper. Stick to the cat gifs, Duffy.

    6. Still Kids at Heart @SFGiants

    Personally, I absolutely loved this video because it highlights two of the fan favorites, Matt Duffy and Hunter Pence, just acting like kids at a Little League baseball game. As fans, we love to see players have fun with the game they love.

    7. Brandon Crawford Sees Everything Fans @bcraw35

    "Positive note about tonight: best in-between inning performance I've ever seen by the kid dancing to and singing "Disco Inferno""

    Fortunately, with a little help from our readers (@cassfung), we were able to find the Disco Inferno star:

    So if you ever wonder if any of the players on the field actually see you acting like a buffoon in the stands, I think you have your answer.

    8. Unhook the Trailer Adam Duvall @mwilliamson7

    If you think the players on the MLB roster have fun, well I highly encourage you to attend a minor league game in Triple-A Sacramento. Williamson has a point though because we all know Duvall, who was traded to the Cincinnati Reds for Marlon Byrd, is not the fleetest of runners.

    9. Movie Night at President Snow’s House @JustinMaxwell43

    Another element fans love to see is team camaraderie. This is just epic Hunter Pence, again displaying his comic/video game nerdiness, while bringing his teammates like Joe Panik down with him and forcing them to act out scenes from the hit show Game of Thrones.

    9. Hats for Bats. Keeps Bats Warm @BusterPosey

    It’s even more hilarious that Body Armor was able to convince the very soft-spoken Buster Posey to perform this antic. If you are a little confused on why this is so comical, watch the classic baseball movie Major League or look at these classic Pedro Cerrano quotes.

    10. Low Blow for the #LADodgers #NoChill @LOLKNBR

    Wow @LOLKNBR. Just a low blow to the hated rivals, but I respect it. Giants fans will take any opportunity possible to ridicule the hated Los Angeles Dodgers.