The San Francisco Giants end scoreless drought against Arizona, Buster Posey hits three-run home run


Sep 20, 2015; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey (28) hits a three run home run against the Arizona Diamondbacks during the sixth inning at AT&T Park. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Giants are killing me. But in a good way, right? Just when you think they’re out, they put themselves right back in.

The Giants that played Sunday’s game are more like the Giants we’ve come to know and hope to see more of lately. They’re the Giants who put back-to-back hits together to score some runs. Add to that a Buster Posey dinger and we were on our way to a win.

Tim Hudson twirled a beauty. He allowed zero runs‒how do you like us now, Snakes?‒four hits, three walks and he struck out three in the six innings he pitched. Santiago Casilla pitched the top of the ninth and gave up a home run. Otherwise the Diamondbacks were held scoreless. We were just a few pitches from a clean getaway.

The Giants ended their 35 inning scoring drought against the Diamondbacks with five runs on six hits and three walks.

The mightiest swing of a Giants bat came in the sixth. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Angel Pagan opened the bottom half of the sixth with a single. The good news is Pagan is fleet of feet so he scored on Alejandro De Aza’s double. Matt Duffy followed De Aza with a walk and that brought Buster to the plate. Buster left the yard, but in a good way, right? The Giants left the sixth inning sporting four runs.

The Giants weren’t finished. Matt Duffy led-off the eighth with a another walk, stole second, and scrambled home when Jarrett Parker roped a line drive to center field. I have to say, our rookies are working it out. They really are Giant.

The Diamondbacks were only able to score the one run in the ninth‒otherwise the Giants were spoon-feeding them a heaping helping of their own medicine. Pretty sure they were hoping for a spoonful of sugar. The final score was: Giants 5, Diamondbacks 1

If I sound like I’m gloating a little, you have a good ear, because I am gloating. I’m getting a little tired of hearing about how the Giants don’t stand a chance, the Giants are finished, the Giants year is over. Maybe that’s what will happen. But it hasn’t happened yet. And maybe the chances for the Giants to see the post season are about as likely as pigs flying.

But to quote my favorite movie yet again‒“in a world where carpenters get resurrected everything is possible.” You never know. You could be picking your bacon out of a tree.

The Giants have some work to do, but as long as they’re still working, I’m still believing.