San Francisco Giants sweep Nationals, Madison Bumgarner pitches second consecutive complete game


Aug 16, 2015; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy (15) smiles with starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner (40) after Bumgarner

The Giants locked up the series against the Nationals with Saturday night’s win. And they swept the Nationals with Sunday’s win.

My head is spinning. Of course, it could be the heat‒my air conditioner still doesn’t work and it’s another 100˚ day. More like 100+.

I think it’s more likely my head is spinning because of Sunday’s game. Wow, what a game that was, huh? The crowd was super loud, but can you blame them? There was something for everyone‒Gregor Blanco your favorite? He racked up a run, a hit and a couple of walks. Brandon Belt your man? He gave us a run, a hit and an RBI.

Hunter Pence’s number one fan? That’d be me, but if you love him too, here’s what we got: a two run home run‒naturally that means a run, a hit and a couple of RBI. If you believe in love at first sight and the newest rookie is what melts your butter, Kelby Tomlinson gave us a run and a hit.

But the man of the day was none other than the Giants giant, the good ol’ country hardballer, the ace, the big lefty: Madison Bumgarner. He pitched a complete game shut-out, allowing only three hits. For the second time in a week, our bullpen got a day pass courtesy of our number one starter. Sunday was his second consecutive complete game this week; he pitched a complete game against the Astros on Tuesday.

Here’s how Bumgarner’s game went on Sunday: since it was a complete game I guess it should go without saying that he pitched 9 solid innings, but I said it anyway, he allowed three hits and one walk, while striking out 14. That’s right, 14. But wait! There’s more! He hit a double, driving home Tomlinson in the fifth and a solo home run‒two out thunder‒in the seventh.

Speaking of two out thunder, I know I already mentioned Hunter’s two run homer, but what I didn’t tell you–it was two out thunder that he took a step further today. In the fourth, with two outs (it isn’t called two out thunder for nothing!) and on a two strike count (there’s the additional step) Hunter left the yard with a runner on board, scoring two. The final score was: Giants 5, Nationals 0

The Giants are going to have a happy flight to St. Louis. If you tune into one of the baseball shows, you’ll hear one of the “experts”, pundits or talking heads say that the Giants are heading off to St. Louis to face the best team in baseball.

Funny‒ the way I see it? St. Louis will be the ones who are facing the best team in baseball.