San Francisco Giants drop two out of three to Rangers in series set in Texas

3 of 3

Aug 2, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Mike Leake (13) throws a pitch in the second inning against the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Our new starting pitcher, Mike Leake, made his Giants debut against Texas Sunday, and he was impressive. He pitched six and 1/3 solid innings, allowing two runs on one bad pitch with a man on. He looked sharp, but his outing had a couple of trouble spots.

In the first inning, he put away the first two hitters very quickly and the third hitter, on Leake’s sixth pitch, popped the ball up in the infield. Sadly, the ball fell and what should have been the third out became a base hit. The next play ended the same way, and another base runner was on board. Leake struck out the next batter and ended the inning.

The Giants did spring a little leak in the fourth–oh come on, you knew I was going to have to say that sometime, just like last June when I told everyone not to Panik. Leake walked the first two batters in the fourth, but he righted the ship with a  fly out and a double play.

From that point through the top of the sixth, we finally had the old fashioned pitching duel I’d been expecting in both of the first two games. And I hate to say it, just tween you and me, I got a little bored. Ssshh, don’t tell anybody, they’ll take away my Gamer Babe membership card.

Not much happened, then finally in the sixth, the Rangers scored two runs. Sheesh, I wanted something to happen, but not that. The Rangers pitcher kept the Giants scoreless, in fact they were almost hitless until the fifth–Belt reached on an error and Justin Maxwell followed with a base hit.

I waited for that magic to happen in the eighth, but the Rangers shut us down. Ok, maybe they’ll get something going in the ninth, and you know what? They did. Angel Pagan, who has been struggling lately, hit a double and Nori Aoki followed up by taking a walk.

Duffy hit a single, loading the bases and bringing Buster to the plate. This is how they write it for the movies. Buster hit a single, scoring Pagan, and putting the Giants on the board for the first time. Suddenly we had ourselves a game.

Last night’s 11th hour, 11th inning hero, Hunter Pence, was up next and I had incredibly high hopes. What could go wrong? We had one out, the bases were loaded and Hunter was in the game. And then he ground into a double play–ending the rally, the inning, the game. And my hopes. The final score was: Giants 1, Texas 2

That one broke my heart. Raise your hand if your heart was broken too. Now don’t you feel silly sitting in front of your computer, phone, device…whatever with your hand in the air? But seriously, I listened to the post game interviews and as heartbroken as we all are, it’s nothing compared to the way Hunter feels.

But there is good news: it’s baseball! There’s always tomorrow.