San Francisco Giants rumors: Carlos Gomez trade deadline possibility and the perils of being traded


Remember when Billy Beane acquired Indians reliever Ricardo Rincon in the middle of the Oakland Athletics’ series against Cleveland? Perhaps you remember the scene on the blockbuster film Moneyball, when Beane, played by Brad Pitt, said, “I don’t want him pitching against us tonight.”

We may be seeing that same scene right here at AT&T Park within the next couple days between the Giants and the Brewers.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the reigning champs have interest in acquiring Milwaukee outfielder Carlos Gomez.

Yes, the same cocky, immature Gomez that was ejected from the game tonight in San Francisco. The same Gomez that almost every MLB pitcher contemplates beaning every time he steps in the batters box. Why is he a target for MLB pitchers? In case you missed it, here’s video of Gomez showing up the Atlanta Braves back in 2013.

Did the word “punk” come to mind for you too?

Now, why is he a target for the Giants’ brain trust? Take a look.

Answer: He is very good. Although a headcase, Gomez is still young at 29 years old and his talent is apparent in him finishing 9th and 16th in NL MVP voting the past two seasons, respectively.

In similar news, just in case Brian Sabean, Bobby Evans and co. decide they don’t want to risk team chemistry by bringing in Gomez, the Brew Crew has another outfielder who the Giants are intrigued by: Gerardo Parra.

You know…the ex-Arizona Diamondback? The two-time Gold Glove outfielder? The Brewers outfielder who isn’t a punk?

Both highly talented athletes could end up playing against the team they suited up for tonight. Pretty strange, right?

Now putting aside the question of whether or not they would fit in with the Giants, let’s read outside the lines of being traded to the other dugout. Although it may just seem like a player is simply switching teams, it’s much more than that.

Ring ring. “Hey stud, it’s your agent. You’ve been traded and will be playing against the team that drafted you tonight. I’ll start checking around for some housing situations, but start packing your bags.”

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  • One second, a player is playing for the team of his dreams, thinking of starting a family, searching for houses in the area…then, all of a sudden, he’s batting against his best friend and longtime teammate on the mound, figuring out how to tell his fiancé that they’re moving, and trying to find his role on a completely different team.

    It’s as if players are treated as exchanged goods between China and the United States—the majority don’t consider the other factors in play because they don’t have to deal with them.

    Here are a couple reactions after Reds ace Johnny Cueto was traded to the Royals this past weekend.

    "We knew this moment was coming but you never know how much it hurt until you say GOOD BYE to one of my best friend"

    Whether we see it happen with the Giants in the next couple days or not, the peculiar and unimaginable process of being traded is something no player can prepare for.

    As depressing as it is, though, it’s just part of being a pro.