Andrew Susac injured as San Francisco Giants beat D-Backs, 8-4


Buster Posey likes steak. He loves a good rib eye. Saturday night he managed to get four, on singles. Brandon Crawford tried to keep up by getting two of his own.

If you liked Friday night’s Giants game, you must have loved Saturday’s. Because they were the same. Well, “sorta” the same. Just like Buster is “sorta” a doctor because he wears a glove and always delivers in the clutch. Friday the Giants scored six runs off 16 hits, and Saturday they scored eight runs off 14 hits. The difference? Saturday there was more steak on the menu.

They were playing Giants style–hits in bunches. They kept the line moving. The first bunch of hits came in the third inning. Jake Peavy got the ball rolling–literally–with a grounder to right field. His first big league knock this season, and his first ever in a Giants uni.

Angel Pagan followed with another single and Matt Duffy did the same. By the time Buster made it to the plate, the bases were loaded. Perfect for a guy who likes steak. He hit a single and recorded two RBIs when Peavy and Pagan crossed the plate. Brandon Crawford decided “I’ll have what he’s having” and plated Duffy and Posey with a single of his own.

Jul 18, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; San Francisco Giants center fielder Angel Pagan (16) celebrates with starting pitcher Jake Peavy (22) after both scored on a single by catcher Buster Posey (28) in the third inning at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Singles seemed to be the hit of the day for the Giants, out of 14 Giants hits, 13 were singles. The one exception to the singles trend–Andrew Susac led off the fourth inning with a triple. He was in beast mode as he rounded the bags, going for the head first dive into third. He went past the bag as the third baseman fielded the throw from left, but Susac scrambled around like a crab on hot sand and got his hand on the bag before the third baseman could apply the tag. According to Kuip, “maybe the most exciting triple of the year…maybe not, but…” I agreed with Kuip’s first thought. It was very exciting–unfortunately, that’s not where the story ends.

Pagan came up with a sac fly scoring Susac and when Susac came off the field, he greeted his teammates with single-handed high-fives. He and Dave Groeschner, the Giants trainer, went into the clubhouse to take a look at Susac’s other hand. Susac injured his hand diving into third, and it looks like he’ll be on the DL with a sprained thumb. X-rays came up negative for a break, but Bruce Bochy said they are going to do an MRI on Sunday just to be sure. Hector Sanchez will resume his old spot as back-up catcher. He’s been battling concussion injury since taking too many hard knocks at the plate.

The rest of the fourth inning was “sorta” like the third–singles only. Except Joe Panik–he was hit by a pitch. Duffy singled and Panik moved to second. Buster plated him with another single and Pence hit a single scoring Duffy. In the fourth inning, just like the third inning, eight of the nine Giants in the lineup got up to bat. In the eighth inning the Giants scored again: Panik hit a single and then scored when Buster hit another single. The Giants were looking for a little insurance because the Diamondbacks, who scored one run in the second, looked like they were trying to put up a picket fence with one run in the fifth, one in the sixth and one in the seventh. They ran out of wood.

Peavy had a good outing–his second after coming off the DL–he pitched six and a third, and gave up four runs on eight hits and one walk. He struck out four. Sergio Romo closed it down after giving up a hit and whiffing a couple of  Arizona hitters. To top it off he made a plate appearance: he ground out but, hey–he got the bat on the ball. The final score was: Giants 8, Arizona 4

The bottom line? I’m sorta like Buster Posey. I like steak too. In fact, rib eyes are my favorite. It looks like they could use another back-up catcher right about  now. Think Sabean will give me a call?