San Francisco Giants outscore the Phillies 4-2 on Sunday, taking the game, the series, the sweep!


Jul 8, 2015; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants catcher Andrew Susac (34) warms up on deck during the second inning of their MLB baseball game with the New York Mets at AT&T Park. Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants won. They won the game, the series, the sweep.

Sunday’s game was brought to you by Andrew Susac. He was terrific behind the plate and at the plate. He was responsible for three of the four runs scored by the Giants.

In the second inning, with a hitter at the plate, the Phillies base runner on first made a beeline for second base in an attempt to steal. Susac received the pitch and fired a perfect bullet straight to Brandon Crawford, who was covering second. Crawford smoothly applied the tag from where he caught the ball, putting the runner out. They made it look easy and it was better than having a police officer yell “stop, thief!” with his hand resting on his gun.

In the fourth inning Susac put on his offensive hat–aka batter’s helmet–and with two outs, two men on (the Brandons) and a two-two count, launched an absolute rocket into the kale, scoring three.

Earlier in the inning, Buster Posey hit a single, advanced to second on Hunter Pence’s base hit, moved to third when Brandon Belt hit into a force out and scored on Crawford’s single.

Heston tossed a great game, he left after six and two thirds to thunderous applause and it was most deserved. He gave up one run on seven hits and he struck out seven. He didn’t walk anyone–heck, he didn’t even hit a batter. Osich added another inning and a third to his line. He continues to be ERA-less.

The Phillies scored two runs, bookends–one in the first and one in the ninth. The Giants didn’t allow them to score any more, or any less for that matter. The final score was Giants 4, Phillies 2

The best play of the day was made by a rookie-to-be. The kid brought his glove to the yard, like Kruk and Kuip regularly advise, and made a heads up play when Crawford fouled off a pitch. The kid’s dad, whose attention was riveted elsewhere, wasn’t even looking when the ball made it’s way toward the dad’s head. The kid stuck his glove out, made the catch and saved his dad from a nasty headache. He looked like a natural.

Get me Sabean on the phone. I think we found our next phenom.