San Francisco Giants defeated by Miami Marlins with the 1st Marlins Park inside the park home run


Jun 30, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey (28) hits a double in the sixth inning in a game against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Mat Latos may hate SF, but Buster Posey loves Mat Latos. And Buster is the face of SF or at least the face of the franchise.

Remember back in 2011, when Mat Latos autograph was “I hate SF”? He was just mad because the Padres choked in 2010 while the Giants went on to take it all, and in those days Latos pitched for the Padres. But Giants fans don’t forget a slight that easily. So we sicced Buster on him.

Buster went after him with a vengeance. In 2012–by then Latos was pitching for Cincinnati–the Giants were in a National League Division Series elimination game against the Reds. With Latos pitching, Buster bounced a long ball off the scoreboard with the bases loaded, ensuring a Giants victory of the game and the series.

Buster took Latos out of the park again in today’s game with a solo shot in the third narrowing the Marlins lead over the Giants to one run. Buster is the Giants secret weapon against the pitcher who loves to hate us. He’s what is known as “bringing out the big gun.” Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough in this game.

Ryan Vogelsong was the starting pitcher for the Giants and, to put it mildly, he’s had better outings. His usual first pitch strike eluded him, his fast ball command wasn’t there and he looked uncomfortable–like he was struggling–right from the start. At the end of it, in six innings pitched, he gave up four runs (two were home runs) on seven hits and three walks. He struck out four.

Dee Gordon, the Marlins second baseman, hit the first Marlins home run of the day off Vogelsong, with two other base runners on. And that made all the difference, it gave the Marlins a two run lead. It also marked the first inside the park home run in Marlins Ballpark history.

Joe Panik scored first for the Giants, coming home on Brandon Belt’s base hit in the first inning. Buster scored again in the sixth inning:  Brandon Crawford was at the plate, Buster was on third and scored when Latos threw a wild pitch  the Marlins catcher wasn’t able to stay with. Really good heads up playing on Buster’s part.

The Marlins scored another run, this one off Machi in the bottom of the eighth. The Giants didn’t score again. In fact, the Marlins pitcher in the eighth, Carter Capps, struck out all three hitters with the strangest pitching motion I’ve ever seen. Kruk and Kuip were wondering if it was legal. I’m wondering the same thing.

His feet are legal through the wind up, but when Capps throws, he pushes off the rubber, and jumps ahead a foot or more, shortening his distance to home plate. The consequence for throwing that kind of pitch is to call it a ball. But all three batters struck out swinging. The final score was: Giants 3, Marlins 5

The Giants play game two of this series tomorrow with Chris Heston on the mound. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m hoping for a little magic. Hesto Presto!