Matt Duffy does it all: San Francisco Giants infielder turned internet celebrity goes viral, then goes yard


Matt Duffy’s had one heck of a start to the 2015 season.

First, the Giants infielder beat the odds to claim the final bench spot on San Francisco’s 25-man roster heading into Opening Day. Less than a week later, the second-year stud, aided by an injury to Casey McGehee, got bumped up to an everyday job at third base.

But on Wednesday, the 24-year-old kicked it up a notch, going viral with this picture…

…on the *same day that he hit his first career MLB home run.

It wasn’t a cheapie, either, as the kid launched an 0-1 offering from Rockies reliever Boone Logan deep into the night, planting it at least 10 rows back in the left-center field bleachers at AT&T Park.

Backtracking to the massive feline you just laid your eyes on: Meet Skeeter, Duffy’s lovable-but-obese pet that tips the scales at a reported 35 pounds. The photo is so outlandish, the Long Beach State product had to confirm its authenticity, even offering an explanation as to how his cat grew to Garfield-like proportions:

As if being questioned by media members wasn’t enough, fans at the ballpark were catcalling Duffy throughout the game, making it known that his “tactical field advisor” was still emblazoned in their minds:

Clearly, the jokes didn’t bother him too much. In fact, they might have even helped put him at ease, as Duffy told Baggarly that his final trip to the plate was “the first at-bat I really relaxed.”

Yes, the kid is human. In fact, he stranded runners at third on two separate occasions earlier in the game—something the Giants have been doing quite a bit of lately. But while sharp pitching can derail Duffy on the field, I’d wager that few PS4 gamers can defeat him and Skeeter off of it. Hmm…I smell a marketing opportunity here, Giants front office. No? Could we at least get a Duffy-Skeeter lawn gnome day?

Regardless of where this goes next (my guess is the wasteland that is discarded internet cat memes), I’d hedge my bets on a classic MadBum beer shower being the next thing that causes the Duffman to go viral. It’s a little too easy considering he’s already embraced his nickname to the fullest:

*Note: The freelance photographer tweeted the photo on Monday but it took a couple days to gain steam in the sports blogosphere.

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