SF Giants Commute: Blanco speaks on Pablo, and Giants pay respects to Al Rosen


It looks like the ‘Panda Gate’ is continuing, with Gregor Blanco weighing in. Matt Duffy is swinging for the Opening Day roster. Starting pitching has a lot of depth, and former SF Giants President Al Rosen has passed away at the age of 91.

SFGateGregor Blanco on Pablo Sandoval: ‘I hope he regrets it and apologizes, especially to the fans’

John Shea interviewed Gregor Blanco about the recent comments Pablo Sandoval made that angered many SF Giants fans and former players.

What I found most telling was that Blanco acknowledged that Aubrey Huff was probably correct in his comments and more telling was this:

"JS: “Were you surprised by his comments?”GB: “No, I wasn’t surprised at all. Pablo said things he might regret later. At the same time, that’s his comment, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”JS: “You supported him over the years, and he said the only Giants he’ll miss are Bruce Bochy and Hunter Pence. The first person I thought about was you. You were in his corner.”GB: “He said things that he might not think about, that he might regret later. That’s his call. That’s what he said. All I can say is, I wish him the best.”JS: “Were you hurt by his comments? You were protective of him.”GB: “No. That’s when you find out who your real friends are. When you have tough moments and feel like you’re angry or something, that’s when you find out who the real person is. Stuff like that just makes you aware of things and who’s who. Let’s hope he’s fine and healthy.”"

I appreciate the Blanco took the high road, however. Acknowledge the issue, but didn’t use it as a microphone to talk negative about Pablo. Head over and read the full interview.

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SFGiants.comWith clear mind, Duffy keeps swinging for Giants

Chris Haft of MLB.com talked to Matt Duffy about his success last season and what he’s working on during Spring Training. One thing is clear for the Giants’ #8 Prospect: he’s working hard to make the Opening Day roster by becoming a better hitter, but he’s also ready to fill whatever role the Giants put him in, whether it’s the Majors or Minors.

Golden Gate SportsSan Francisco Giants’ Starting Pitching Depth Gives Them Flexibility

Maggie Pilloton, of Golden Gate Sports, wrote about how the starting pitching depth for the SF Giants gives them flexibility. Given the number of struggling veterans they have coming back (Tim Hudson, Tim Lincecum, Jake Peavy, and Ryan Vogelsong), in addition to the return of Matt Cain and having Yusmeiro Petit in the bullpen, they may need that flexibility. In fact, the only one of them I have complete faith in is Madison Bumgarner, however, the experience, potential, and depth of this roster does make me feel a bit better.

KNBRFormer Giants GM Rosen dead at 91

The former General Manager and President of the Giants, Al Rosen, has passed away. Larry Baer had this to say about the passing of Rosen.

"“We were saddened to learn that former Giants president and general manager Al Rosen passed away. We express our deepest condolences to his wife, Rita, and to the rest of his family and will have them in our thoughts and prayers. We will miss him and always remember him as part of our very important Giants family,” said Larry Baer, Giants president and chief executive officer."