San Francisco Giants’ Hunter Pence sitting scooter aside for a week


While fellow San Francisco Giants mate, Buster Posey, is involved in a more popular contest to become the face of Major League Baseball, Hunter Pence is also competing against the Miami Marlins’ Dee Gordon, in the Fitbit Celebrity Challenge. Launched February 16th, the Fitbit Celebrity Challenge pits stars from fashion, sports and other industries against one another to raise awareness and money for cardiovascular health.

The Runway Titans, Fitbit’s inaugural match saw Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated models Erin Heatherton and Hilary Rhoda go step-to-step against one another from last Monday through Friday, with both Fitbit and consumers making contributions to the American Heart Association.

In the spirit of competition, celebrities will see who can log the most steps over the course of a week. Everyone else will be able to follow along on and on social media at #fitbitforAHA, and be able to make contributions to the AHA in the name of his or her celebrity of choice. For every dollar donated, ten steps are added to the total of the celebrity of choice.

On Monday, February 23, it was Hunter Pence and Dee Gordon, formerly of the Los Angeles Dodgers, stepping out to raise awareness of the importance of tying fitness and proper eating together for a healthier lifestyle.

Hunter Pence is widely known for his pursuit of a healthy life style, so it is not surprising to see him involved in this kind of fundraiser. In the spirit of the whole challenge, One Hunter Percent answered questions posed by Fitbit:

Q: Aside from baseball, what other ways do you stay fit, active and healthy?

A: Baseball and training are the main ways I stay fit, but I also love spending time playing with my nieces and nephews outside. Eating smart is the key for me staying healthy and energized all year-long. Mental health is also important to me, so I really enjoy reading.

Erin Heatherton

Q: What are your go-to foods to fuel your body?

One Hunter Percent

A: I like to eat balanced meals with any kind of vegetables and fatty proteins that will help me fuel my body. And of course, kale!

Q: During the week of the challenge, what will you do to stay active and make sure you win?

A: I think I’ll give my scooter a rest and use my feet instead!

The current Celebrity Challenge is actually an extension of the Fitbit Challenges initially launched in 2014, which invited users to compete directly with friends and family to help meet and beat goals in new competitions, including Goal Day, Daily Showdown Workweek Hustle and Weekend Warrior.

The bottom line is that the Fitbit Celebrity Challenge raises awareness and money for a disease that affects most of us or our families in some way, shape or form, and no one could possibly be more effective than Hunter Pence.

With or without his scooter.