San Francisco Giants’ left field options, quick update


Michael Morse was a brilliant player. His offense was huge for the San Francisco, but as expected, his defense and health weren’t just as great. Sadly, with his one-year-deal coming to an end, it’s almost inevitable that his tenure as the Giants’ left fielder is over. I’ll miss him, greatly. His presence at the plate, his clubhouse antics and the home runs will all be missed. Regardless of my Morse appreciation, a replacement needs to be found. Here are some candidates.

Justin Upton: If the Giants can pull this off, back-to-back World Series rings could be on the table. The left fielder is a solid defensive player — won’t cost us many runs, won’t blow us away — and an incredible offensive player. Inserted into the middle of the order alongside Posey and Pence and the Giants have to be feared. He is a legitimate star. He is perfect for San Francisco. What’s best about this option is that the Atlanta Braves, his current team, are selling everyone and anyone. They just sent Jordan Walden and Jason Heyward — one of my favourite players — to St. Louis for Shelby Miller — an over performing pitcher — and a prospect. If the name Kyle Crick is thrown out there, I don’t see why Upton can’t man left field for the Giants.

Yasmany Tomas: Nobody really knows what Tomas can do, but we can guess. My educated guess would be: he’ll mash baseballs. His risk is high, his ceiling is even higher. Tomas will cost lots and lots dollars (but that said, so will Sandoval) and I think the left fielder might just be worth it. All scouting reports seem to indicate the same thing: his power potential is huge. With Morse’s departure imminent, Tomas is an ideal candidate to replace him in left. The Cuban defector can bring more power to the table, and sustainable defense.

Angel Pagan: Believe it or not, Pagan can’t play defense in centre. On the other hand, he can in left. It’s a nice, and easy move: simply shift Pagan a bit to the left. His offensive production can remain valuable, and his defensive production can increase. (That said, I would be happy enough to see him traded. But that’s another story for another time.)

Yoenis Cespedes, as mentioned previously could be good, too. Perfect imminent upgrade. Perfect bridge for Carbonell — move Pagan to left at the end of the season, vacate centre for Carbonell. Other names could include: Gerardo Parra, (not a huge upgrade,) Brandon Belt, (with Susac catching…yes please,) or even Khris Davis of the Brewers. Just spitballing, though.