San Francisco Giants World Series Parade: Tips for your first parade


The San Francisco Giants World Series Victory parade is happening tomorrow, Friday, October 31, at noon.

If you missed out on 2010 and 2012 and decided you can’t miss out this time around, we’ve put together some handy tips for all you crazy fans braving the crowds.

First, I will say this: If you’ve never been to a Giants World Series Parade, do it. It’s an absolutely amazing experience. Really, it’s a once in a lifetime thing for most people. But it just so happens that most people aren’t San Francisco Giants fans.

Yes, we’ve had three Championships in just five short years. But don’t take any of them for granted. It may be another 50 years before it happens again. Of course, I’m pretty sure it’ll happen again in 2016, but that’s just me.

So, despite any of the tips and warnings that we give you, remember this: even if it’s happened in recent history, it really is a once in a lifetime experience. Do it. Remember that living life and enjoying the joys in life is what is important. Work will still be there on Monday. You won’t regret it, even if you end up on the sidelines throwing up and trying not to pass out (like I did in 2012).

But on with it we go.

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  • Tips for going to the San Francisco Giants World Series Parade

    • Arrive early. The parade starts at noon. Don’t expect to roll up at 11:00 am and see diddly squat. In 2012, we got there about 6:30 am. People were already lined up, but we found a decent spot in the front. You can’t be too early. If you wanted to go line up tonight, you’d probably already find people there.
    • Wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to be standing for a LONG TIME. You’ll be waiting on the parade to start for several hours. You’ll be watching a bunch of people walk through the parade that you don’t know or care about. The Giants let everyone who works at AT&T Park and their families walk in the parade. The people you want to see are at the end. It’s cool that they do it, but remember it’s a long parade.
    • Make sure to take an external charger for your phone, and for your camera. You’re going to take a lot of pictures. You’ll want to make sure you have battery left on both your phone and camera when Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Bruce Bochy, Hunter Pence, Pablo Sandoval, Buster Posey, and of course Madison Bumgarner come through…at the near end.
    • Don’t get so caught up in taking pictures that you forget to enjoy the show and the antics of the team. Really. I’m sure your pictures will look just fine, but there will be professional photographers there that will take way better shots than you, and have better access than you do. Enjoy the show.
    • Pack some water and snacks in your backpack.You’re going to be out there a long time and will get hungry or thirsty. Stay hydrated so you don’t pass out and vomit like I did in 2012.
    • Don’t drink so much water or fluids that you need to use the restroom. Once you find your spot, there is no saving it.
    • Take a chair with you if you plan on getting there early. It will be a life-saver for your feet and body.
    • Don’t even think about driving. Take BART, MUNI, or CalTrain.
    • If you want to hear speeches rather than see the parade route, get over to Civic Center Plaza as early as you can. That’s where the good stuff happens.
    • Bring earplugs. Someone near you will likely have an airhorn. Come prepared.
    • Don’t take an airhorn.
    • Don’t be a dick. Please respect other people, property, and remember that not everyone there may be as big a fan as you. Let them enjoy it anyway. We all know who the true fans are.
    • Don’t get drunk. Why go through all that if you don’t remember it?
    • Wear deodorant. There will likely be over 1 million people there. Close encounters are a given.
    • Go to bed now so you can get your booty up early and find an awesome spot.

    Anything I missed? If you go, we want to see your photos! We’ll share the best ones.