San Francisco Giants: World Series Game 6 Lineups


The San Francisco Giants are looking to claim their third World Series Championship in five years tonight against the Kansas City Royals.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of hundreds of thousands Giants fans screaming with excitement, joy, anxiety, and of course fear. Keep 911 on speed dial, and make sure to consult your doctor before engaging in tonight’s game. Also, make sure you have plenty of booze on hand. You’re going to need it whether the Giants clinch the World Series title or the Royals force a game seven.

Here are your lineups and notes for the World Series Game 6 tonight, which begins at 5:07 pm Pacific Time.

San Francisco Giants Lineup

The Giants lineup should look pretty familiar. Bruce Bochy decided to go with Travis Ishikawa in left field instead of Juan Perez. Some fans were disappointed with that move considering Perez is the better defender and hasn’t been hitting too bad lately. However, I have faith in our skipper, and I would expect a substitution by the 6th inning, maybe sooner if the Giants get some runs on the scoreboard early.

Jake Peavy is on the mound, looking to get his first World Series win. The Royals and Yordano Venture beat him in Game 2, but he got better as the game went on. If he can find his control in the first couple of innings this time, I expect a better outing from him.

Peavy has also been dealing with a bruised thumb that he got in Game three, trying to catch a foul ball from the dugout. Apparently though, Bochy feels he’s good to go. I’d expect a short leash however if it starts to give him trouble.

Also, for what it’s worth. If there is a game seven, don’t expect to see Madison Bumgarner starting it. Oh, he’ll be available, as he will tonight, but unless Tim Hudson gets hurt, the plan is for him to start game seven if necessary. If you thought otherwise, you don’t know Bruce Bochy very well.

Kansas City Royals Lineup

Lastly, and just because, Marlins Man will be in the ballpark again tonight. As long as he’s wearing orange and annoying Royals fans, I’m happy to see him there.