Revisiting the San Francisco Giants’ full, season commercials


In light of the San Francisco Giants punching their ticket to the Championship series, it is time to throw it way, way back. Before the regular season even began, these amazing commercials were released. They tell stories, sometimes funny, sometimes epic, of the trust, the journey and the amazing times we were to experience. Oh, how right they were:

“It’s that time of the year again, with the season about to begin, our talented baseball players turn into hollywood actors for a day or two. That’s right, the Orange and Black have released their 2014 ‘Stronger Together’ commercials, and they’re magnificent. If these ten videos don’t get you hyped for the regular season, I don’t know what will.

Buster Knows

“Buster miraculously steps out of a slow motion freeze frame, mid-pitch, to show viewers how the fans make the team stronger.” Nothing beats some Buster Posey telling the fans they’re the great, beautiful commercial.

Belt Knows

“Brandon Belt plays himself and the adoring fans (including a gamer babe) that help him hit it farther. All Together Stronger.” Brandon Belt could seriously quit his day job, another gem.

Take Me Out

“The Giants have their own twist on the old ballpark standard, “Take Me Out to The Ball Game” The San Francisco Giants take on a classic creates another classic.

This Ride

“The Giants kick off the 2014 All Together campaign with this ode to the memories to come.” Probably the most inspiring commercial made this year.


“If Buster and Timmy and Crawford and Belt all do their job we’re gonna have to order more nachos.” A truly amazing depiction of trust, Giants style.

New Guy

“Giants newcomer Mike Morse addresses the team and dresses up for all the big Giants promotions.” Probably my favourite, Morse is introduced to his new teammates, or family is probably more appropriate in terms of the Giants.


“Sergio Romo, Matt Cain, and Hunter Pence step out of frozen play to explain why “the kids” make the Giants stronger.” The biggest character on the team, Sergio Romo explains the importance of the kids at the ballpark, heart warming.

Lefty Appreciation

“Jeremy and Javi have a great idea to highlight how awesome it is to be a lefty.” Lefty bullpen mates Javier Lopez and Jeremy Affeldt present the idea of a new night at the ballpark.

Mi Amor

“Sergio’s love for baseball is strong, but something else burns deep in his soul, Sergio Romo and Buster Posey star in “Mi Amor.” So wait, Posey can play baseball, act and now speak spanish? This isn’t fair. Nonetheless, hilarious commercial.

The All-Brandon Weekend

“The Brandons introduce their favorite promo “The All-Brandon Weekend”, which celebrates the best name in the whole world.” Come to think of it, a weekend to celebrate the Brandons is pretty called for.”