Social media spotlight: Best of Twitter from the San Francisco Giants’ NLDS game one


Not only is Twitter annoyingly distracting when one is trying to watch a San Francisco Giants, National League Division Series, it can be kinda’ funny, too. When the baseball is at its best, so are people’s tweets. Here are the best and worst tweets from the Giants’ opening postseason game. Enjoy.

Because while we are all here because we love the Giants, a hatred of the Dodgers also tends to bond us all, and give us another common interest. Side note: I do feel bad for Clayton Kershaw, it’s hard not to have a lot of respect for him.

I like this because, well, an ERA of 0.99 is really, really good. In fact, it’s also much better than Joba Chamberlain’s postseason ERA of 108, and much, much better than his ERA after game one of infinite. Fact.

Whatever works for you, Santiago Casilla, I guess.

Sergio Romo normally struggles against lefties. Bryce Harper is a leftie. Romo got him out. That can only be good, right? Of course.

This could actually be a real quote from Hunter Strickland.

Mr October, Pablo Sandoval, just breakin’ records. Just the normal October.

For the record, I think Joe Panik is actually human, just a really, really good one.

No comment required.

As aforementioned, us humans are starting to doubt the legitimacy of Joe Panik. He might not actually be a human, just like Mike Trout. Match made in heaven.

It’s no big deal, we can all deal with it.

Vasgersian actually managed to make me mad, during a Giants postseason win. That should not be possible. It was not possible until I listened to Vasgersian broadcast.

This is how a stolen base works for everyone, even Gregor Blanco.

I love the simplicity, because, Travis Ishikawa was indeed safe. Sometimes you can paint a picture in only three words. Well done, Dave Flemming.

Oh, you, John Shea. This is ironic, this is actually John Shea being the first to tweet the news – comedy gold, right? I also blame him for Peavy not getting a no-hitter, he must’ve jinxed it, he must’ve.

Until he got Harper to ground out. Stupid, pessimist.