Mike Krukow Blasts Chicago Cubs For Their Tarp Debacle: It’s obscene


The San Francisco Giants got hosed last night in Chicago by the Cubs ground crew and there may not have been anymore more upset by it then Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow.

If you saw Krukow on the broadcast last night during the game, after the game, or even heard him on KNBR this morning, you know he was none too pleased with how the tarp debacle went down, and he made no bones about it. In fact, here’s how he looked during post-game last night, after the 4 or so odd hour delay.

Based on this comments on KNBR this morning, I imagine he woke up with the same scowl on his face. He said his first impression when he saw how the tarp was being placed on the field and the trouble the grounds crew was having was, “They’re doing this on purpose.” Krukow made it clear this morning, and last night, that he backed off that statement that it was done on purpose, but he didn’t shy away from the fact that what happened, should never happen in a MLB game.

He continued on that it was the most frustrated he’s ever seen a General Manager (Brian Sabean), a manager (Bruce Bochy), and players. He stated that the veteran players were “disgusted,” and specifically mentioned Tim Hudson, Jake Peavy, Buster Posey, and Ryan Vogelsong in that mix.

In this day and age, with all the advancements…for this to cost a team a game, it’s obscene.

-Mike Krukow

According to Krukow, the grounds crew weren’t in position, didn’t have enough guys, and pulled at the wrong angle. However, he did say that the decision had to go back to the league office, that the Cubs wanted to play, and had they suspended the game to be played today, it would be a direct rules violation. Of course, those are rules that don’t govern this type of situation and only mention mechanical tarps, which haven’t been in place since the old Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

But all of that is of little consolation to the team, and fans, who would have liked to seen how the next few innings played out in Chicago. This game matters, and whether it costs the Giants a shot at the playoffs or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, someone, somewhere will be held accountable for this and rules will have to be looked at for future considerations.