SF Giants Trade Rumors: Emilio Bonifacio could be a Giants target


The SF Giants may have an interest in acquiring Emilio Bonifacio from the Chicago Cubs, according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

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  • Olney says it’s a name that has been “kicked around” by the Giants because they’re looking for an outfielder and someone who can hit lefties. Bonifacio could step right into the leadoff hitter position as well, which has been a big hole since

    Angel Pagan

    was sidelined with a back injury. Another upside on Bonifacio is that he also plays second base. So if Pagan comes back and is healthy, Bonifacio could also fill that gaping hole for the Giants.

    Just this morning, Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles, speculated on potential second basemen, ranking them in terms of what they would cost in prospects (i.e. Kyle Crick or not), under contract next year, salary under $10 million, can play 3B/OF, and better than Dan Uggla. A quick glance at the list says Bonifacio fills all those needs except next year’s contract. Brisbee put it this way:

    "Of the likely options, give me Bonifacio, who is versatile, provides the vrooom, can field the position, wouldn’t take a top-10 prospect. With the Giants stinking so danged hard, I want a warm body who is better than the cold bodies, but who doesn’t come at a substantial cost. Depending who the Indians want for Cabrera, Bonifacio is the best option. He also isn’t that good. Good enough for the Giants, though! Good enough for the Giants."

    Given that Bonifacio is also a veteran player, a base stealer, and can hit for average, I’d like to see the Giants take a shot at getting him from the Cubs.

    He’s making just $2.5 million this year from the Cubs, so the remainder of his contract should come cheap, and given that we’re now hearing rumors that the Giants are still in the market for starting pitching, it would free up some money for a pitcher and/or second baseman. Of course, that is just speculation and I haven’t seen many “confirmed” reports of going after another SP of that so far.

    Ken Rosenthal also mentioned first base as something the Giants are looking at. That’s one move I can’t explain or understand at this juncture with so many options at first base once Brandon Belt is back from the disabled list.

    Going hard after an outfielder does tell me the Giants aren’t sure about Pagan’s progress. He had a workout last night, but no word yet on how it went, or if he “cleared himself” to return.