Adam Duvall and George Kontos power San Francisco Giants over Philadelphia Phillies


In case you’re wondering, this isn’t the Fresno Grizzlies recap I’m doing.

The brand new guys back on the active roster, George Kontos and Adam Duvall, led the way for the San Francisco Giants 7-4 win over the Philadelphia Phillies in a game that was anything but ordinary and looked over well before the late innings.

Since we didn’t get this published last night, we’ll make this as quick for you as we can.

First, between the Giants and the Phillies, they combined for a staggering 29 hits. Most of them were singles. In fact, the Phillies did not have one extra-base hit on 14 hits. They also didn’t draw any walks. That was the first time that had happened in at least 100 years according to BoopStats Twitter.

The Giants only had 3 extra base hits on 15 hits, and drew 3 walks. The first one was a big one though. It was a 2-run home run that Adam Duvall hit off Cliff Lee in the 6th inning. It also gave the Giants the go-ahead and winning run.

Hunter Pence was 3 for 5 with a triple and drove in 2 runs. Joaquin Arias also hit a double, which was something he desperately needed. Overall, hitting wasn’t the problem for the Giants last night. They accumulated 15 hits, but they also left 20 runners stranded. Philly left 29 runners stranded. Marco Scutaro was 0 for 2 when Bochy pulled him just to give him some rest. Brandon Crawford also had an 0 for 4 night.

But pitching really made the difference in this game. I know, in a game with 29 hits, you wouldn’t think so, but let me show you.

Ryan Vogelsong started the game for the Giants. He got his first runs of support since June 21st, so that had to be exciting for him. Unfortunately, he didn’t have his stuff last night. I will continue to give hime credit though for fighting through it, limiting the damage, and keeping his team in the ballgame. That’s exactly what he did even as hit pitches were getting knocked around like batting practice. Vogelsong only lasted 3 innings however before being pulled for Kontos in the 4th. Vogey also allowed a career high of 11 hits, just through 3 innings. He also allowed 3 earned runs, though partly due to his own poor fielding (and of course, poor pitching).

Cliff Lee made his return last night and there were a lot of scouts on hand to see him. He probably didn’t impress anyone though. He gave up 12 hits and 6 earned runs through 5.2 innings. Duvall’s home run took him out of the game.

Both bullpens came in and did their jobs. Philly only allowed 1 more run after Lee left, but by then, it didn’t matter. The Giants’ bullpen saved the day, allowed no more runs from the Phillies.

It was really Kontos though that kept the Giants in the game and gave them a chance to win. He replaced Vogelsong in the 4th, needing to get all three outs with the bases loaded. And he did.

He proceeded to strike out Marlon Byrd and Domonic Brown, and get Cody Asche to fly out to end the inning. He was simply fantastic. He struck out 3 and allowed just 1 hit in the 2 innings he pitched. He also got the win, and was the broadcasters choice for player of the game.

Santiago Casilla got the save, while Javier Lopez, Jean Machi, and Jeremy Affledt all pitched near flawlessly. Lopez allowed the only hit by those guys (and even that was an overturned call on a play at 1st base), but he also pitched a rare 1.1 innings rather than just one or two batters.

It was a good, but odd game. It was a battle and I would expect more of the same today as Yusmeiro Petit will take the mound in place of Matt Cain.