Just How Big Is Bruce Bochy’s Head?


It’s pretty common knowledge that San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy has the biggest head in all of baseball. His helmet size is an 8 1/4. In fact, according to this video by ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian (also embedded below), when Bochy was traded to a new team as a baseball player, he had to take his helmet with him. The new team then has to paint his helmet and their logo on it because they never had one big enough for him.

Also shared, Bochy hit a walk-off home run off of pitching legend Nolan Ryan. For a career .239 hitter with only 26 home runs over 9 years, I can imagine that was probably a pretty magical moment for him. He’s obviously fared much better as a manager than a hitter, having the most wins of any current manager in MLB, and ranked #21 for all-time wins.

What his teammates did after that home run though was pretty downright amazing, and gives you a clue just how big his head really is. They rolled out a red carpet to his locker and filled his helmet with something special. You’ll have to watch the video to find out, but it’s only 1:12 minutes, so it comes quickly.

The next time you wonder just how big is Bruce Bochy’s head? you’ll have something to go remember.