The One Where Jean Machi Is A Rockstar


May 5, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Jean Machi (63) is safe on a throwing error to Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Neil Walker (18) allowing the game winning run to score during the thirteenth inning at PNC Park. The San Francisco Giants won 11-10 in thirteen innings. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Stuart Jones wrote a piece about a week ago about Jean Machi and how good he’s looked statistically this season. It’s really a good read, and I’d suggest you read it. However, this is not one of those pieces. In fact, I’m going to do my darnest to not include one single stat in this article.

This article is really just about the badass rockstar that Machi was in last night’s win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Machi did get the win last night, and oh by the way, he’s tied in the NL with most wins. Go figure. He pitched 2 innings and there were times it just looked like a comedy of errors.

For instance, there was at least two times when he hurt himself by trying to field the ball. At least one of those times, if he’d left the ball alone, Brandon Hicks would have easily turned a double play. But, alas.

Then there was this (via McCovey Cove Chronicles)


McCovey Cove Chronicles

So apparently the rule is this: If an ump is hit by a ball that is thrown, the ball stays live. Which is mostly, kind of what happened after everyone scratched their head a bit and umpire Gerry Davis shots some evil looks at Machi.

Machi isn’t the only one to have done that though.

But Machi somehow got out of it. After pitching two innings, he got to do the thing we all sit around at home and wait for to happen. He got to have an at-bat. Relief pitchers rarely get them and they usually are awkward and and entertaining, like this at-bat from Santiago Casilla a couple seasons ago.

I admit, I expected the same out of Jean Machi. I mean, he’s had two lifetime plate appearances (sorry, I guess that was a stat). But that’s not what happened.

Chuck Norris

Jean Machi stepped to the plate and did this.

He laid down a bunt. A perfect bunt that in turn, caused a throwing error and allowed Hunter Pence to score. An RBI bunt on an error. Oh yeah, after that, he stole a base. Sure, it was ruled defensive indifference, but who cares?  The dugout reaction to his bunt was pretty priceless, too.

Jean Machi did it all last night, so I made a video (or ten) to commemorate that.

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By the way, as a side note, it’s the 10th anniversary of the FRIENDS final episode, so if you caught that in the title of this post, we should be “friends.”