10 Questions for a San Diego Padres fan from San Francisco Giants fans


Apr 18, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Padres right fielder Chris Denorfia (13) dives in to third base for a triple during the first inning against the San Francisco Giants at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We asked our “friend of ATF” San Diego Padres fan, Fred, some questions about his team. We like Fred because he’s a great Giants supporter, but his first love lays with the Padres. We’re okay with that since it’s not the Dodgers. He’s got some great insight below into what we should expect from the Padres this season and what they need to do to be competitive.

Where do you predict the Padres will end up in the NL West this season?
I know they have a good chance to finish 2nd and get a wild card if they stay healthy and get their middle of the order guys to hit in some runs.

How do you feel about Bud Black?
I can write a whole blog about Bud. The nicest thing I can say is he’s a poor man’s Bruce Bochy. I won’t say the worst thing. First off, at times the Padres have had enough talent to win and Bud had screwed it up with his poor leadership, so it burns my b***s when expert say he’s good at his job but hasn’t had the players. In 2010, the Padres were in 1st place most of the season until a 10 game losing streak (Black did nothing to shake them out of it) derailed their season and had a hand in inspiring the Giants great run. In 2007, the Padres had the hitting, a Cy Young award winning pitcher, but led by Bud they lose a 1-game playoff to the Rockies who go on to the World Series. Bud Black is competent at times but no matter how good his players are he doesn’t seem to be a winner.

What do they need to do to win the NL West?
Besides losing Bud Black? They have plenty of pitching but their 2 offensive leaders need to go if they don’t play or pick it up over the next 45 days. Carlos Quentin is made of glass and needs to get out there (a bone bruise has had him on the DL since the start of the season…please!) and Chase Headly should stop thinking about free agency, stop striking out with runners in scoring position, and ultimately pull his head out of his **s.

How do you feel about Jedd Gyorko contract?
Happy and amazed as it’s about time they locked up one of their young stars who has great potential and is healthy.
Locking up Gyroko is a good move unlike how they locked up Cameron Maybin and Nick Hundley who didn’t really show too much to begin with and now they are both busts. It’s no wonder they haven’t locked up Headly as he’s asking for about 7 million a year – too much just because he had 1 great half of a season.

Who would you like the see the Padres go after in a trade this season?
There are no realistic RBI guys coming up in 2015 which is what they need. They don’t need pitching or another cheap free agent project like Josh Johnson, so sick of these type of signings. Melky Cabrera or Emilio Bonifacio are healthy hitters that would really fill a void, and they CAN afford them.

If had to pick any current player for franchise player, who would it be?
Current Padre player? Either Everth Cabrera or Andrew Cashner. From any other team, offensively Buster Posey and pitcher Justin Verlander.

Who would you DFA today?
Carlos Quentin I’m so sick of seeing that guy on the DL just bring Blanks up and let him play, it’s better than a ghost, or Nick Hundley because they don’t need an overpriced 3rd catcher.

How do Padres fans feel about Bruce Bochy and the success he’s had since he left?
They are happy about it. Bruce was well liked in SD. Friar fans know Bruce’s leaving had more to do with terrible leadership in the front office than his record or expertise. Bruce Bochy is a better manager since leaving SD as he now lets younger players get more of a chance than in the past with SD. He is a Hall of Fame manager now and SD fans have no ill will towards him or his abnormally large head.

Are Padres fans embarrassed when their stadium gets taken over by other teams? (i.e. AT&T South)
I will be honest. I have never been to Petco (maybe because I like AT&T so much), but when the Padres were at the Murph the hometown team did not care about the other teams fans no matter how many there were. Padre fans are not embarrassed by the large number of Giants fan that show up, they accept it as part of the game and try and enjoy it…particularly when the Padres win. Plus let’s face the fact that Giants fans are probably the best at following their team to other parks. What embarrasses Padre fans is their ownership and front office because they are terrible and liars as they don’t deliver on promises and are actually very cheap.

Why are you Padres fan? I mean…really, why?
Very simple. Born and raised in the San Diego area (Carlsbad), and I’d never be a Dodger fan, and growing up the Angels were boring. The Padres will ALWAYS be my favorite team as my first MLB game attended was 1971 in SD. I was at the pennant clinching Padres win against the Cubs in 1984, and as a kid I listened to all their games on the radio. That’s why I’d like to ask Bruce Bochy over shots of vodka how satisfying was it to beat the crap outa the Tigers in 2012 after what they did to the Padres team he was on in the 1984 World Series.

Thanks Fred!