Who was the Last San Francisco Giants Player to Wear #42?


Sep 15, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Baseball fans pose for a photo by Jackie Robinson

It’s April 15th and what is known in the baseball world as Jackie Robinson Day. It’s the day Robinson began his major league baseball career and broke the racial barrier in baseball. With all the goodness and love going around MLB today, and now that there are officially no active players wearing #42, it got us to thinking: Who was the last San Francisco Giants player to wear the mighty #42?

Fortunately, The City Graphics had us covered this morning. Left-Handed pitcher, Kirk Rueter, better known as “Woody” was the last to wear #42. Rueter is arguably one of the best Southpaws to ever pitch for San Francisco, and is the winningest leftie with 105 career wins during his nine years in the orange and black. He was also the first Giants pitcher to take the mound in Pacific Bell Park in 2000 (now, obviously known as AT&T Park).

So, Rueter was the last to don the 42 in a Giants uniform. I’m pretty sure that if I was going to choose someone to be the last, he’d probably be on the top of my list of people.

As a side note, and of no impact on the greatness of Kirk Rueter, Madison Bumgarner is nearly halfway to breaking Rueter’s win record (51 career wins) in just three and a half full seasons with San Francisco. Pay attention kids, because we’re living in a golden era of San Francisco baseball right now.