Postgame: Timmy Will Be OK, Athletics Win 4-1


Tonight’s Giants vs. A’s was game two of a three game exhibition series. The A’s beat the Giants 4-1 and left them with only one run and five hits, four of which came in the 9th inning. Not the kind of offense you hope for three days before opening day with Pence, Posey, Morse, Sandoval in the lineup.

The news of the evening was the liner off Timmy’s lower left leg. He left the field limping and needed assistance from trainers in the fourth inning.  He should be ok, it’s just a knee contusion. A contusion is a fancy word for a bruise, which means he’ll be fine after some RICE. Injuries to the ACL and MCL are serious and usually require surgery. A broken knee would take about 6-10 weeks and then rehab time. A contusion is no fun, and very painful, but it’s the best outcome to what looked like a very serious incident.

The first hit for the Giants didn’t come until the bottom of the 6th inning. Angel Pagan hit a double and Bob Melvin wasted no time taking out Jesse Chavez who had only thrown 66 pitches.

The Giants rallied in the 9th inning with four hits. Pablo Sandoval hit a single, followed by a Juan Perez fielder’s choice (Pablo out at 2nd). Perez advanced to second on an indifference and a Joaquin Arias RBI single scored Perez. Tyler Colvin hit a single but unfortunately with two outs, Hector Sanchez swung at the first pitch that was caught in centerfield to end the game. Athletics over Giants 4-1.

Going back to Lincecum, he will see tomorrow how he feels before deciding whether or not he’ll need to miss his first start. Petit would likely fill in if Lincecum does miss a start.

The good news is that it’s still just exhibition baseball and we have three days until opening day in Arizona against the Diamondbacks. Let’s hope our bats come alive when it counts.