Sandoval disputes weight loss claim


Sep 29, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Diego Padres shortstop Alex Amarista (5) reaches third base against San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval (48) after taking a lead off against the San Francisco Giants during the fifth inning at AT

On Tuesday, we all heard the welcome news that third baseman Pablo Sandoval had lost 42 pounds.  Venezuelan media, specifically Rafael Rojas of Meridiano TV, had reported that Sandoval told him that he lost that amount.

Well, the drama –if you want to call it that — continues, apparently…

Pablo tweeted on Wednesday that he has not lost that amount and that he made no such comment to the media.

Sandoval also put a photo of his progress on Instagram – which has been widely circulated at this point – and can be seen by clicking here.

He is indeed looking svelte and certainly cannot be called “fat” or “chubby” or “insert adjective here” any more. It might not be 42 pounds, but it is noticeable, to say the least.   Considering the way he looked after coming off the disabled list last year after a foot injury, any weight loss is ideal.  To his credit, Pablo did appear to start getting serious about shedding pounds late in the 2013 regular season and this most recent photo from the man himself is proof positive that he has indeed continued that endeavor.

Pablo will hit free agency next offseason if the Giants don’t sign him to an extension.  As reported by CSN Bay Area back in December, general manager Brian Sabean stated that the team will look at that option if Sandoval shows dedication to getting in shape this offseason.

"“He’s not going to be short on suitors, trust me,” Sabean said. “No matter what his weight is.” Sabean said that as long as Sandoval appears healthy and committed to his conditioning this spring, negotiating an extension would be “the conventional wisdom. But I’m only one voice, one vote.” []"

We have all seen Sandoval’s weight – and production — fluctuate throughout the years.  But, the options to replace him are few-to-none from within the organization and the free agency options will be slim, no pun intended.  It will behoove the Giants to explore an extension, in this writer’s opinion, before Spring Training is up.

If Pablo has a monster year – which we’ve seen he is entirely capable of — the price tag will soar for his services.  Sign him now, get the discount while you can, Sabean and Co.  Sure there is risk, but I think the reward far outweighs it – besides, what other choices will the Giants have?

Aug 26, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval (48) during the game against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. The Rockies defeated the Giants 6-1. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all seen the numbers and seen the correlation to weight.  If Sandoval’s eating habits are of concern – which they should be – put in weight and incentive clauses in the contract to help keep him motivated.  Seems simple, right?

But, if Sabean is correct and the suitors for Pablo’s services will be many – despite his weight – who knows if Pablo would even agree to such a thing?  It does seem reasonable enough, however, and would help soothe the naysayers that believe Sandoval will never truly dedicate himself to staying in shape.

Via the CSN Bay Area report and Andrew Baggarly:

"“We like the person, we like the talent,” Sabean said of Sandoval. “He’s just got an issue he’s been having a hard time conquering. Perhaps his impending free-agency is the best medicine. … But switch-hitting run producers are hard to find. “I’m not a doctor and I’m not the good lord. So I don’t know what someone is able to do with their weight and body type. All I know is he’s a Giant, and whatever his weight has been, Pablo loves the game and loves competing. We’ve helped him every year, and in some years, he’s helped himself more than others. This year, we believe he’s particularly determined.”"

So there it is.  What do you think good readers? Sign Pablo Sandoval to an extension roundabout Spring Training time? Or… wait?