Asst GM Bobby Evans Twitter Chat Recap


Earlier today Vice President and Assistant General Manager Bobby Evans jumped on the Giants Twitter account and answered some questions from fans. Most of the questions that were answered seemed well thought out. It was a good job by fans asking the right questions and Evans was not afraid to give honest answers.

In this new digital age we live it’s great that fans can have this kind of access to the decision makers. Kudos to Bobby Evans and the Giants for allowing us just a little peek behind the curtain. Now, on to some of the thoughts Evans shared with Giants fans today.

On Andrew Susac and Mac Williamson. (Special appearance by our own Stuart Jones)

On Kyle Crick

Future Plans for Edwin Escobar, Gary Brown, and Heath Hembree.

On Brandon Belt and Pablo Sandoval‘s roles on the team.

And finally, that pesky Left Field situation.