#SFGiants Offseason with other sports


Yes, those are all National Championship & Final Four banners. Unless you are UCLA, STFU. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The baseball offseason for me is tough. Luckily there are other things like work and sports to fill the void. Lately, we’ve been watching a lot of hockey, college basketball, and some football. Giants fans probably have a lot of the same teams in common, so I figured it would be fun for us to share our favorite teams in respective sports. Here are mine.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers

Truth be told, I kind of hate football. I understand the game and all, I just don’t enjoy watching it very much. But, when it comes to the NFL, I’ll keep cheering for the rooting for the Niners. I’ll cheer for them even more if my husband would watch their games in the other room, however.

NHL: San Jose Sharks

I had never seen a hockey game until I started dating my husband. I grew up in Kentucky and well, we mostly stick to the big three sports: Basketball, Football, and Baseball. And even then, it’s really mostly basketball. But my husband got me into watching hockey, and even though I don’t know the rules inside and out just yet, I do enjoy watching hockey now. I enjoy the games better watching live, but I’ve grown to be a hockey fan. In terms of Bay Area teams, they are 2nd in my book behind the Giants.

College Football: Yeah, I really don’t care


College Basketball: Kentucky Wildcats

I’ve mentioned a time or ten that I’m from Kentucky. If you know much about Kentucky and sports, you know we take our Kentucky Wildcats basketball pretty seriously. The Wildcats were my first sports love, and I’d take 2 minutes of good tournament basketball over anything, any day of the week. Yes, anything. Even the Giants. If the All-Star game was invented for Willie Mays, March Madness was invented for Kentucky.

NBA Basketball: Sacramento Kings

I really don’t care much for pro basketball. College is much better in my opinion, and a little less showy and ego driven. That said, I do follow my Kentucky players around. We have the most active players in the NBA currently. One of my favorite Kentucky players was DeMarcus Cousins. Being so close in Sacramento makes me happy. Watching him dominate in Sac-town also makes me happy, so the Kings get my vote as favorite NBA team.

So tell us, what are your favorite teams in other sports? If I forgot your favorite sport, um, I’m sorry?