Baer: “We Don’t See Ourselves as Sellers”


Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco Giants CEO, and ultimate shot-caller, Larry Baer was on 95.7 The Game this morning. Initially, he was talking about the guys trip to the White House yesterday, but had a few comments to make, both today and yesterday, about the impending non-waiver trade deadline. Most notably, he put it out there that the Giant aren’t necessarily sellers. There was also talk of Brandon Belt‘s future with the team, but you’ll find that niblet at the bottom of the story.

This will likely give some fans a sense of relief, and possibly scare others. At least it’s good to know that the front office isn’t interested in selling the farm, or even necessarily the current players we have. I like this approach. A fire sale isn’t needed. Yes, this season has been rough, and the numbers aren’t on our side in terms of making the playoffs. But we still have most of our key pieces from a World Series title last year. Our players have value, and experience, so I think in order for any of them to go, it’ll have to be a good/great offer. I don’t think that is likely to happen though. Consider this.

Granted, I think there will be some people gone during the offseason. Yes, that could include Tim Lincecum or Hunter Pence. Every indication is that the Giants plan to make “qualifying offers” to these two. Essentially, what that means, is that if they offer a “fair” amount salary, and that player decides to take a higher offer elsewhere, the Giants will get draft picks as compensation. According to Jon Heyman, “The qualifying offer is expected to be slightly higher than the $13.3 million it was last year.” If the Giants don’t go above that standard, it’s likely both Pence and Lincecum could receive better offers from other teams. However, both Pence and Lincecum like San Francisco, and San Francisco certainly loves them. That could mean that both players may be inclined to take a hometown discount to stay where they are loved. If the other offers are far greater though, we have to remember that ultimately, baseball is a business, so those players may be gone. My personal take is that I feel more confident that Pence, if he doesn’t get traded tomorrow, will be around next season than Lincecum.

Some of you may have heard some rumors yesterday of a possible Brandon Belt trade, and decided to freak out a little when even Andrew Baggarly tweeted about it.

You’re not alone. I did too. Ultimately, the concern was over the promotion of Brett Pill and Roger Kieschnick. In the end, it was just the DL of Tony Abreau and demotion of Kensuke Tanaka. However, I have some good news for you all.

Yep, the Giants may not have given up on Belt just yet. In fact, they may even see him in their long-term plans, along with Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford.

Have a sigh of relief Giants fans. The Giants aren’t making a big move. They’re not selling the farm. They’re going to play it safe like they mostly always do, and see what the offseason holds.