Some 25-man roster names Giants could consider trading away


This is for the Giants fans who have decided the path for 2013 may not be designed in another playoff run. A path that involves no trading away of prospects for major league veterans, so the choices from there become whether you want to keep everybody around, or try to get some value from those whose time with the Giants is running out. You could do a massive 2012 Red Sox-Dodgers player exchange, but those are so few and far between that it’s big news if anybody gets one of those done. This is your guide for players on the Giants teams will probably ask about and why I think they could be staying or going.

The Untouchables

Buster Posey — everybody wants one, but they can’t have him. I don’t even know what kind of package it would take to get him.

Madison Bumgarner — signed through 2019 (with options in 2018 and 2019), it would take a massive overhaul to nab him. Trading Bumgarner probably won’t even be a thought until 2017 at the very earliest.

Safe Bet: The Guys that probably won’t move

Matt Cain — Cain isn’t the same this year, and he’s got a lot of money owed to him down the line.

Jeremy Affeldt — Who would want a struggling reliever?

George Kontos — see: Affeldt, Jeremy

Ryan Vogelsong — won’t be back until around the trade deadline anyway, Giants likely wouldn’t get a fair return on him

Barry Zito — Unless he takes AT&T Park with him, probably not a good idea to trade for him

Chad Gaudin — All of a sudden the Chadmiral has become a 2014 option, but I may be too bold on the Giants holding on to him. UPDATE: With lewdness charges in Las Vegas known to the public, it will be interesting to see how this changes Gaudin’s status with the Giants.

Santiago Casilla — higher-leverage reliever signed through 2015 with a 2016 option, I don’t see “Jairo” going anywhere

Marco Scutaro — The Giants would need to a get a prospect that can replace Scutaro for years starting in 2014, and I’m not sure teams would be willing to give that up (I’m looking at you, St. Louis Cardinals)

Brandon Crawford — Same story with Scutaro. It’s not easy to find someone that can glove it at short.

Brandon Belt — Despite the divided opinion on him among fans, I get the sense that the Giants aren’t ready to give up on him yet

The players I could see traded away

Jun 26, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants relief pitcher

Javier Lopez

(49) throws against the Los Angeles Dodgers during the game at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Javier Lopez — he may be a LOOGY, but he is a darn good one. Has helped the Giants to two World Championships after being traded for John Bowker and Joe Martinez (thanks, Pirates!).

Hunter Pence — contract year, an outfielder headed for 20/20 territory, why wouldn’t a team want that? He could bring in the biggest haul, and hopefully he would bring in a better haul than the Phillies took for him.

Tim Lincecum — two-time Cy Young Award winner clearly not the pitcher he used to be, but this is his contract year and we’re not even sure if the Giants will extend a qualifying offer (1 year, about $13MM contract). He has improved from last year, and his best usage may come out of the bullpen, a la 2012 Postseason.

Sergio Romo — Teams would have about 1.5 years of control over him, and Romo has shown he can perform at the highest level. If the Giants are going to trade him, now could be when they get the most value out of him.

Guillermo Quiroz — For teams looking for a backup catcher. I doubt Hector Sanchez looks appealing to anybody.

Gregor Blanco — A cheap outfielder with range that you could bring in for defensive purposes? I could see that being discussed at great length.

Andres Torres — Has done his job against LHP this year, which is what he was brought on to do. Not his fault Angel Pagan got injured, but he’s having to do more than what the Giants hoped he would.

Pablo Sandoval — Word is getting out that the team is frustrated with his weight, and if another team comes in calling with an offer of a higher-tier prospect, I imagine that Sabean gets his “trade face” on.


Jose Mijares — Rumors of not being the best teammate in Minnesota, I have heard no problems on Mijares. Teams would get 1.5 years of control on him, I’m not sure that if Lopez gets traded the Giants would be quick to trade anyone else other than Romo.

Sandy Rosario — nobody wanted him in the off-season, and he’s had a positive stretch in 2013. Do teams want to gamble on that?

So, picture that you’re in “sell mode,” what do you think of the list? Let me know in the comments!