Some fans want to hit Yasiel Puig. Why I say that needs to stop


Yasiel Puig is a player that is full of energy, he goes all out, he loves his team, and I’m pretty sure he loves baseball. However, he does things that are upsetting Americans. Bat flips on singles, doubles, taking part in trash talking, being reckless on the basepaths in some instances, whatever. There are Giants fans that are sick of it.

For the record, he does have a twitter account. Some insight from Jesse Sanchez from

Jul 7, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig (66) jogs towards the dugout after being called out after attempting to steal third base against the San Francisco Giants in the fourth inning at AT

Those fans whose tweets I embedded and others that share a similar sentiment might not care what Mr. Sanchez has to say, just that they are tired of Puig being successful and showing up others and “disrespecting the game.” Here’s what I think, for those of you that follow me on Twitter you know where I’m going with this: if you hit Yasiel Puig, what do you think the Los Angeles Dodgers will do? Play dumb like the beaning was an accident? Be the better, more mature set of individuals and let their skills do the talking? No, in all likelihood, they won’t, even after the brawls between Carlos QuentinZack Greinke and Ian Kennedy and co. vs. Mark McGwire and co. So where were we? Ah, yes. Let’s say the Giants hit Puig. Who do they go after next? Either one of their pitchers or Buster Posey, I think that’s probably your answer. Ian Kennedy nearly altered Yasiel Puig’s life by throwing at his head, and what if one of the Dodgers pitches let’s loose, and his aim is off and Posey gets hit in the head? Now what? That could be a career-altering injury, even for a guy that takes foul balls to the mask on a daily basis. If that happened, and it was because of your desire to want to hit Yasiel Puig to satisfy your emotions, would that make you feel better? These are all big “what-ifs” but even if it doesn’t hit Posey in the head and hits him somewhere else and injures him, then what when he falls on the DL? Worth it? Not even close. If the Giants or any other team is fed up with Puig’s shtick, they need to keep him off the bases, make their pitches, and beat up on the Dodgers on the scorecard. If you can’t handle what Puig does, I’m sorry, I don’t feel bad for the people that are angry at that. I don’t want Puig to be successful versus the Giants, either, but if he is, the Giants need to do better. Why would you put your franchise catcher at risk? It makes no sense.

This isn’t to say the Giants won’t do anything, I mean they did go after Jesus Guzman of the San Diego Padres when he hit a go-ahead home run in the eighth inning of a game earlier this season. It wouldn’t shock me if the Giants did something, but I’m not going to be in the camp that’s in favor for it.

Feel free to put your thoughts in the comments section and tell me why you agree, disagree, or what you think should be done!