Bumgarner Leads San Francisco Giants to 5-2 Win Over Colorado Rockies


“The six game losing streak is officially…over!” – Duane Kuiper.  The Giants won! They really did.

I woke up in a bad mood this morning. I had been putting my long run off for three days because of the heat. Not running makes me a grouch so I knew for my own sanity I needed to get out before the Giants played this afternoon.

I had spent the morning going through the Giants W-L record from 2008-present and trying to crunch numbers. Like I could do something. LIke that would really help the team win. I was trying to find the silver lining. In SOMETHING. I finally snapped out of it long enough to push myself out the door to run off my frustrations and negative feelings.

I walked back in the door 45 minutes later with a new attitude and the TV showed starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner walking off the mound bottom of the 1st inning. No score. Ok. He’s ‘on’ today.

The Giants took their first lead in 23 innings with a Buster Posey HR at the top of the 3rd.  Posey was now 11 for 19 on this road trip with 4 HRs. And this was his 12th of the year, tyng him with Hunter Pence for most HRs on the team. Until Pence answered Posey with a HR of his own in the 5th inning, bringing his total to 13.

Bumgarner gave up a HR to Carlos Gonzales in the 6th inning that somehow managed to hit George Kontos in his pitching arm. I still think Kontos should’ve thrown it back.

In the 7th inning, Juan Perez walked then Quiroz hit a popup that became a base hit by being mishandled by everyone on the field.

Tim Flannery waved/cheered/ran in Perez who scored by way of belly flop and hand slide. No one saw that coming. Another gift from the Rockies.

The 7th inning might’ve been the best for Bumgarner. It was about 2 minutes long. I was watching this (see gif on left) a few times and before I knew it,  the inning was over.

Sandy Rosario came in the 8th inning and threw 25 pitches. I’m not going to lie, I did hold my breath.

Sergio Romo came in for the 9th inning after a week off between outings. Colvin popped to Pence. One out. Rutledge grounded to Abreu. 2 outs. Helton extended the  inning on a double to Pence in RF. Top of lineup. Hold breath. LeMahieu to Abreu and that’s the ballgame.

Somehow we’ve lost no ground in the NLW despite being 1-6 in the last seven games. Only three games back from the first place Diamondbacks. Let’s do this again tomorrow, it’s fun!