Tim Flannery “Pissed Off” at Dodgers


For most Giants fans, it doesn’t take a lot to get us flaring about the Dodgers. Typically, it’s all in good fun though. Last night however, the Dodgers crossed a line, at least in the mind of Giants third base coach Tim Flannery. In fact, he went as far to say that they “failed in the humanity department.” Here is the full quote that was posted via his band’s Facebook page late last night.

"Tonight the Dodgers did something that really pissed me off…yeah they beat us, they are better this time around, but this is about other stuff..they honored Casey Johnstone the kid who made a video and gave his $200 bucks to Bryan Stow…but the Dodgers never ever mentioned What the kid did with his money, or Bryan’s name. I once had a Dodger broadcaster tell me ” we wish he would just go away”…..ok…more shows for Bryan…another way to shine the light, and to the Dodgers how you handled this pregame first pitch tonight….you just got me started all over again……we won’t go away, till you do what is right here..had your chance tonight……failed in the humanity department…."

His posting pretty much explains why he was so upset. Essentially at the game last night the Dodgers, while recognizing a young Bay Area Dodger fan, failed to mention that the kid gave money raised from his video that went viral to Bryan Stow. Stow, if you recall, is the Giants fan who was brutally attacked at Dodger stadium in 2011 by some thugs after the game. Bryan still has to be taken care of by this parents, will never work again, and may never fully walk again. He recently moved back home with his parents after the insurance stopped coverage on the live-in rehab facility.

The viral video referred to here is from Casey Johnstone’s 5th grade graduation speech where he talks about his worst memory of 5th grade being when the Giants won the World Series. He is obviously a Dodger fan. What makes him special though is the fact that all of the ad revenue from his video, $200, was donated to Bryan Stow toward his rehab and continued care. Dodger fan or not, he’s a pretty outstanding young man.

What is sad about this whole incident however, is that no matter how great the Dodger organization thought this young man was, they chose to not acknowledge the very thing that made the kid special in the first place. I’m sure that they were touched by what he did. However, not acknowledging it to their fans at the game, sends the message that their legal case is more important than simply doing the right thing. The Dodger organization is being sued by the Stow family for a lack of security measures and failure to protect fans, stemming from the April 2011 attack.

So, I agree 100% with Flannery on this. There is no excuse, legal proceedings or not, that excuses a classless move like that.

Casey’s video is posted below.