MLB Tweet: Panda and Posey still lead for the All Star Game


Giants fans are stuffing the ballot box so much that only two of the players are still starting for the All Star Game. They are a menace to society, and not thinking of what’s best for the game. How dare they do what they are entitled to do and vote for their players. How dare they play by the silly rules that were set by Major League Baseball.

Jun 5, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants third baseman

Pablo Sandoval

(48) reacts to a call during the fifth inning of the game against the Toronto Blue Jays at AT

The argument against ballot stuffing for any team is pretty silly, because if you want the team you support to get results, maybe it’s time that the team formed a more aggressive campaign to get votes in. Whether you’re going to Cougar Town to get more cougars to vote for David Wright, or you bring in your employees to bunch ballot cards, if you want your guy to start, you have to get him the votes. The Giants do that well, and actually it looks like baseball fans are doing OK getting those guys in, too. @MLB sent out a tweet yesterday of its updated starters for the All Star Game:

This is a good opportunity to look at the numbers for each player and get an idea of who’s in the spot they should be, and who may be getting a little support from the name, or from fantasy numbers.

June 16, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; San Francisco Giants catcher

Buster Posey

(28) hits a single in the third inning against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

C: Buster Posey — News of Yadier Molina catching up are justified since their slash line, wOBA, wRC+ are pretty close. Buster has more dingers (8 to 4), but his fWAR is a little lower than Yadi’s. Either one of these guys would be a solid pick for starter.

1B: Joey Votto — His OBP is 56 points higher than Paul Goldschmidt‘s, but his other advanced numbers don’t hold that drastic of a lead. The Diamondbacks have a legitimate campaign they could make for Goldy, but on twitter, I find they’ve been relatively quiet, but that could be me not paying attention.

2B: Brandon Phillips — He is getting name recognition. Look, I love Phillips playing defense and thoroughly enjoy listening to him speak, but the homey out of Cincy shouldn’t be getting the start. His 10 HR are great, but give me the guy that’s been playing best all-around in Matt Carpenter.

SS: Troy Tulowitzki — Too bad he’ll be sidelined with a broken rib. If Jean Segura keeps his pace going, he’ll probably naturally take over Tulo’s spot, and rightfully so. However, Brandon Crawford does have a slight lead over him — what are you guys even doing, Milwaukee fans?

3B: Pablo Sandoval — Mets fans are dropping the ball on this one. David Wright should be the starter based on his play, and leads over Pablo in the vast majority of offensive categories. That said, if Pablo wins (again), I can’t wait for Mets GM Sandy Alderson’s reaction.

OF: Carlos Beltran — As long as there’s a DH spot, I’m OK with him being there.

OF: Justin Upton — His hot start has put him here. Wouldn’t be highest on my list.

OF: Bryce Harper — A celebrity of the game, I just want Harper healthy again because.

For the outfielders, there are different ways to go. You want homers? Take Carlos Gonzalez, Dominic Brown, and Beltran. Want RBI? Same first two and Jay Bruce. wOBA is interesting: CarGo, Michael Cuddyer, and Harper. fWAR? Carlos Gomez, CarGo, Hunter Pence. A lot of ways you could justify whom you’re voting for.

Online voting will conclude on July 4th at 8:59PM PST.