Spring Training with Stuart: Scottsdale Stadium


Friday was Tempe, and Saturday was Scottsdale, as I was very excited to see the Giants I’ve cheered on for as long as I have go against Alfonso Soriano‘s Cubs. The Giants had some of their other guys in Kansas City for the other half of their split-squad, so not everybody was around and about for people to scream at. Following the format of my last post, it’d be good to know where Scottsdale Stadium is. Here it is:

This is probably where you are thinking how much this doesn’t help. I know! Type in “Scottsdale STADIUM, East Osborn Road, Scottsdale, AZ” into your Google Maps so you can zoom in and zoom out all you want. Also, I don’t know why “stadium” is in all caps. If you’re using the 101 freeway loop (on the east side of Phoenix), you’ll be taking either Indian School Rd or Thomas Rd exits to get to your destination. I parked on the south side of Osborn Rd across the street from a hospital where two kids where collecting $10 to park in a business lot. They were schmoozing to it was kinda sketchy, but my car didn’t get towed.

Anywho, I guess this stadium really likes to hype itself up, and what business wouldn’t? Especially when you have this:

I’ve seen this guy’s Twitter account, and I’m sure he’s probably a gajillion times more well off than I am, but I do know you don’t go around just quoting Bleacher Report if you want to be taken seriously. And does “GEM” stand for something?

Then there’s this video (link to it in case the embedded one wants you to download something):

Your classic 90’s intro video to something, makes you feel like you’re on a field trip or something, doesn’t it?

So there’s the marquee that you can see on Osborn and Drinkwater that everybody and their mother poses in front of. The two world champion logos on both sides is a very nice touch.

Behind that man standing in the streets is where the players and coaches park. If you can get past that man, your dreams could come true… or you could get arrested. The main entrance for fans greets you with this at Gate B:

You’ll notice there are baseball stones out in front, which I always liked. Those baseball people, ever so creative. Inside when you get past the ticket takers and bag checkers, you’re immediately greeted with the lineup for the game:

Is it important you see the names on this board? Not for this blog’s purpose, nah. I like it, though. Who’s that little boy in the picture? I have no idea. Everybody wants to take a picture with this thing, and it doesn’t even give you autographs or nuffin!

I waited on the 1B side for autographs that really never came, so I sat here for about 90 mintues or so, chilled with @carmenkiew for the first time as we talked baseball, creeping people out, and Giants baseball. Meeting with people you know only from twitter is only awkward if you make it awkward. Story of life.

When players are doing stretches, do not insult them, for it could decrease your chance of getting a signature on an item you brought. Begging for their autographs also might not help. Saying “it’s for the kids” a billion time does get annoying, or that it’s “for my classroom.” Lady, I get it, you’re a teacher! If you are bilingual, this could net you a smile, but maybe not an autograph.

These logos are all over the place, as if the Giants are trying to remind you that they have won something.

Oh, hello Gaylord Perry and Rollie Fingers! Will you sign my stuff for free? No? Man…

More logos, as I walk around from the 1B side to my lawn seats in LF. I felt like this walk took a really long time. Scenery is nice enough as you walk around, so that’s a fun thing, I s’pose.

I feel like this picture is a good representation of the experience you’ll have if you have lawn seats: people. It is a very interactive environment, but if you’re just there to relax and take in a game in the lawn, this is not the place for you. People are constantly walking in front of you (if you’re seated close), and since there’s a walkway, of course they’re allowed to. This is not something I enjoy, but maybe you get less perturbed by it. Just wanna watch the game…

We changed seats in the middle of the 8th, and on a day that got to the mid-80’s, I’m so glad we had some shade behind the plate to escape to. Any spot that’s close and behind the plate will be amazing, as long as there’s no obstructions like pillars or something, and I’m very fine with the net being the only obstruction to my enjoying the game. This stadium does NOT have cup holders on their chairs, which is very saddening for me. Also had Jon and Duane almost directly behind me, so that was kinda cool, but we couldn’t hear them.

My stadium evaluation for Scottsdale Stadium is this: it’s a good stadium, but not a great stadium (what a Charlie Manuel quote that was!). Might I go back here again? Maybe, but perhaps just to the gift shop if I want some specifically Giants memorbilia. I don’t see myself making a conscious effort to come back here before I get to see the other stadiums, even if I know some of those other ones won’t be as good as the Giants’ home complex.