Your 2010 World Series Champions: Where Are They Now?


Credit: ©Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Memories from the 2010 World Series may still be fresh in your mind, but the Giants’ roster sports just twelve players that once graced the 2010 championship roster. Some, like Eli Whiteside, are hopping along the waiver wire. Others, like Jonathan Sanchez, watched their careers implode just months after leaving San Francisco behind.

While Buster Posey, Matt Cain, Sergio Romo, and others enjoyed the ride to a second Fall Classic, plenty of former Giants fell by the wayside. Where did they end up? Let’s find out.

Denny Bautista

Before Brian Wilson‘s facial hair took on a personality of its own, Denny Bautista managed the back end of the bullpen from May to August 2010. He finished 33.2 innings for the Giants, allowing 4 home runs, walking 27 batters, and striking out 44.

Since his minor league assignment in early August, Bautista agreed to a brief, unfruitful minor league contract with the Seattle Mariners, later abandoning MLB to close games for the Hanwha Eagles of the Korea Baseball Organization.

Waldis Joaquin

Waldis spent his entire major league career with the Giants, for what it’s worth. His entire major league career consisted of 21.2 IP over three seasons, his shortest and most disastrous a 4-game stint in 2010, when he earned a 9.64 ERA after allowing 6 hits, 3 earned runs, and 7 walks over just 4.2 IP.

Following his final 6.1 innings with the Giants in 2011, Joaquin was selected by the Washington Nationals and signed to a minor league contract. According to his FanGraphs page, this contract remained unfulfilled, and Joaquin fizzled in a final performance with the Fresno Grizzlies, his in-game ERA ballooning to 13.50 with 4 hits, a walk, and an earned run served to 4 batters in 0.2 IP.

Joe Martinez

As luck and untimely injuries would have it, Martinez barely tasted the success the Giants feasted on in 2010. He pitched just four games in San Francisco, making a lone start in June that saw 8 hits, 4 earned runs, a walk, and 2 strikeouts in 6.1 IP. It would be the last major league start of his career to date.

By July 31, Martinez was swapped for the Pirates’ John Bowker and Javier Lopez. He posted a 3.12 ERA over 8.2 IP in Pittsburgh before Arizona grabbed him in 2011. Last season, he managed a 9.00 ERA in exactly one inning of relief, allowing 2 hits and an earned run to the Phillies in April 2012.

Brandon Medders

Another short-term closer in the pre-Beard days, Medders covered the ‘pen from April to May 2010. His is a brief story: after two seasons with the San Francisco Giants, a 3.76 ERA in 83.2 IP, and a single save, Medders was booted from the roster to make room for a recovering Pat Burrell.

His final appearance in 2010—6 hits, 6 earned runs, 2 home runs in 1.0 IP—would be his last in the majors.

Guillermo Mota

Mota may be most notably remembered by Giants fans not for his 4.33 ERA during San Francisco’s first championship year, or for a flawless 2.1 IP in Games 2 and 3 of the World Series, but for testing positive for a banned substance found in children’s cough syrup. At least, that’s the story that he sticks by, and the one that consequently sticks in our memories.

Following a 100-game suspension in the spring of 2012, Guillermo made 17 appearances from August to October, finishing with an ERA of 5.23 in 20.2 IP. In his last outing, a 4-3 rout of the Dodgers, Mota delivered a 2-run homer to A.J. Ellis and a triple to Shane Victorino that brought L.A. within a run of tying the game. By November, Mota was granted free agency.