Giant Fans Invade Petco Park As Orange And Black Rout Padres 10-1


And who says the Giants can’t score runs at home? Okay – so maybe the G-men weren’t exactly “home”, but it sure felt like it as the orange and black faithful once again invaded AT&T South and boy, were they ever given a treat.

After a first inning homer by Marco Scutaro that started the scoring, the wheels fell off for the Padres as the Giants put together an eight run, eight hit third inning – all but ending the game early. All told, fourteen Giants came to the plate in the blowout inning which included an RBI single from Giants starter Matt Cain. The Giants scattered a few more runners throughout the contest (and scored an additional run in the 9th), but it was clear both teams were already looking forward to tomorrow.

Melky Who – At least for a lone night, the loss of Melky Cabrera looked indifferent as the Giants’ offense unleashed again on the road. The blowout continued the Giants’ reign of leading the league in runs scored on the road. Cabrera’s replacement, Gregor Blanco, had a decent night both in the field and at the plate though I still expect the White Shark to be a short term replacement, assuming the Giants can work out a trade which is easier said than done given the waiver situation, especially with the Giants moving back into first place.

Orange Friday In San Diego – Giant fans have a long tradition of making their presence felt at both Dodger Stadium and Petco Park, but AT&T South really earned its reputation tonight as the ballpark was filled with orange. Former Giant and current Padres broadcaster Mark Grant even went as far as to say it felt like “Cal-Trans” was in the house. Sections of orange behind the Giants’ dugout looked as if it was an early Halloween convention, the crowd erupting at every opportunity to praise the orange and black. Giant fans travel well and given the circumstances lately, there’s no doubt the extra support is welcome on the road.

A Bochy BBQ – Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy makes his offseason home in Del Mar, about 15 minutes north of San Diego so when the Giants travel South, Boch gets some family time. However, this go around, Bochy shared that family time with his team, inviting all the players to his home for a team BBQ to refocus during yesterday’s day off. Maybe it was the sauce or maybe it was the Padres’ AAAA pitching, but whatever the case – it worked. Keep it going, Grillmaster Boch.

The win combined with the Braves walk-off win over the Dodgers leapfrogged the G’s back into first place by a half game. Barry Zito and company will attempt to keep the boys in first tomorrow in the early evening start.